Cage For Birds

Bulletin board Cage for birds Today there is a huge selection of cages for keeping birds. But often cell manufacturers forget that the cage is intended primarily for keeping birds, and not for decorating the interior. The materials used to make the cells can pose a real threat to the life of the bird. Here […]

Which Cage Is Better To Choose For Budgies

When you decide to have a budgie, first of all think about acquiring a cage for it. At the same time, choosing such a cage, remember not about your tastes and preferences, but about the convenience of a parrot. How comfortable and convenient will he live in such a cage? Which one to choose? What […]

Cages Of Songbirds At Home

Our native songbirds, which we hear in the field, in the forest and sometimes in the park, can live in a house in a cage. Previously, it was the songbirds of their locality that were kept at home, enjoying their singing and twittering. Often they were kept and budgies because of the beauty of the […]

Canary Cage Equip Singing Apartment

Canary Cage Dimensions For single content: 30 x 15 x 25 cm (length, width, height). For sharing several birds female: 50 x 25 x 30 cm It is not recommended to place males together. For Kenars, Learning to sing: 45 x 25 x 30 cm During the breeding season: 75 x 25 x 30 cm […]

Bird Cages Selection And Equipment

Birdcage: what to look for when choosing Among the most important habitat factors, when choosing a bird cage, it is necessary to take into account the mode of stay of birds in it. The more time she spends in the house, the more spacious this object should be. If the feathered pet spends in the […]

How To Choose A Bird Cage

How to choose a bird cage? Decorative and songbirds spend their entire lives in a cage, so it makes no sense to deny that it plays a huge role in all aspects of their life. In this regard, most future owners of birds have a logical question: how to choose a bird cage to make […]

Budgerigar Cage Dimensions, Shape, Location

When choosing a cage for a budgie, a responsible breeder thinks through all the nuances. Dimensions and shape, materials, accessories – all details require a careful approach. It is necessary to provide that the most important condition for the budgie is fulfilled – safety. Why is a good cell important? The decision to have a […]

We Make A Bird Cage

Birds are fans of littering, so the height of the cage should be at least 150 mm, this will provide you with relative cleanliness around the cage. The pallet must be removable so that it can be washed easily. Cages for songbirds are best made closed, that is, the side, as well as the rear […]

How To Make A Parrot Cage The Easiest

Many pet lovers keep small decorative parrots. There are many breeds for every taste. But it is no secret to anyone that in order for the parrot to feel comfortable, it needs a convenient cage. The first thing you need to decide before you start tinkering a cell is its size. As a rule, the […]

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