A Mirror For A Parrot In A Cage For What It Is Needed

A mirror for a parrot in a cage for what it is needed
A mirror for a parrot in a cage for what it is needed

A mirror for a parrot in a cage for what it is needed
A mirror for a parrot in a cage for what it is needed

Still, I want to know if a parrot needs a mirror and, if so, why? Would such a toy prevent a parrot from learning to talk? Are there cases when a parrot broke a mirror and injured himself? Even experts – ornithologists do not give a clear answer to these questions.

Wild parrots live in packs. These extremely sociable birds communicate with each other with the help of sounds, whistle, click, even growl. They behave quite noisily and this is understandable. Large parrots have almost no natural enemies besides humans, and small parrots are difficult to see among the thickets in which they live.

In addition, the parrots have high intelligence and a well-developed intuition – there is no consensus on the latter yet – they warn each other about the approach of enemies during constant negotiations, therefore, in natural living conditions, they can afford some nonchalance in behavior.

For those who decide to have a parrot, it is very important to consider this feature of bird behavior. It’s impossible to constantly engage with a pet, letting it out of the cage for full daylight – and for budgies, it should ideally last 15 hours – is also not an option. The parrot, having felt abandoned. may get sick. Psychological problems in this case are expressed by the fact that the bird becomes nervous, begins to pluck itself plumage.

Some owners of parrots in this case buy a pair of pets, others believe that a hung mirror in the cage of a parrot will solve this problem.

The mirror for parrots must be absolutely safe. The bird begins to peck the reflection, it can damage the mirror surface. Conventional mirrors contain mercury. For parrots you need to buy special mirrors made of plexiglass.

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Despite its high intelligence, the reflection in the mirror takes the parrot for a bird. It seems that everything is wonderful, in the absence of the owner he is not bored, he will try to communicate with the “neighbor” and the problem of abandonment will be solved.

Not so simple.

Like people, parrots have different characters.

Those parrots who see a competitor in reflection will behave nervously, fall into a stressful state and pluck their feathers.

In such cases, the mirror for the parrot is a threat and should be removed.

Other parrots will see a friend, and will communicate with him. At the training stage for birds with similar behavior, the toy will need to be removed. "Neighbor" will be a great role model than the person who deals with it.

Birds with an aggressive character will see in the reflection of the opponent, they will constantly fly on him, sort things out. Not only that, the situation in psychological terms will be unpleasant for the pet – the parrot can be injured in the mirror.

One way out is to hang in the cage not a mirror, but a toy with mirror inserts, engaging with which the bird will see its reflection for a few seconds. such a toy will take a parrot for a long time.

So whether it is necessary for a parrot to decide, it is necessary to decide in each case individually.

In no case should the parrots be fixed rigidly, especially if it is large and the bird sees itself as a whole. Having perceived a parrot in a cage as an opponent, a bird can injure itself by hitting the surface. The mirror in the cage should hang freely and be small in size.

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Nevertheless, in most hosts, parrots live together, especially if they are lovebirds or budgies. It seems that the problem of boredom in this case does not threaten the parrots.

Typically, a couple is collected separately, bought at the same time not trained birds begin to talk rarely.

After acquiring the second individual, it is advisable to remove the mirror from the cage, especially if the parrots are heterosexual. Otherwise, parrots can take the reflection for a sexual partner, and the male will either constantly sort things out with him, not paying attention to the female, or enter into a relationship with him, ignoring the female. It also happens that in front of the mirror the female begins to spin, ignoring her admirer.

Although, again, it all depends on the individual behavior of the birds. Some parrots, not distracting from nesting, are happy to look at their reflection. In this case, the mirror for parrots is not dangerous, and it can be left in a cage.

It is necessary to install the mirror in the cage carefully, in no case should the sun’s rays fall, creating bright flashes so as not to frighten the bird. Sometimes toys are sold in pairs – a small mirror is equipped with a bell and hangs freely on the suspension. Many parrots like this toy more than an ordinary mirror.

The mirror should give the parrot joy, and not plunge the bird into a constant stressful situation. In no case should the toy pose a danger to the health of the pet. Whether a parrot needs a mirror, everyone decides for himself, observing the behavior of his favorites, or favorite.

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