Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wooden Cages For Birds (Parrots)

Each time when it comes to cages for parrots, the bulk of the breeders immediately imagine houses made of metal mesh. Wooden bird cages, though not so widespread, have a number of advantages. This will be discussed in the following article.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cages for birds (parrots)

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Since ancient years, ever since parrots have become a welcome acquisition for most exotic lovers, there has been a debate about how to keep them. After all, any feathered pet, even grown in captivity, strive for freedom and flight. However, due to certain circumstances, bird owners cannot provide them with this opportunity. Fearing that their feathered would not fly away.

As for the content of the acquired parrots at home, even from ancient times a special house was invented for them – an aviary or a wooden cage of photos, which can be easily found on the pages of our site.

However, let’s go deeper into history and turn our eyes to the time when the acquisition of exotic birds was a real present for many wealthy people. It was for them that they tried to bring to Europe as many feathered fidgets of different species and colors as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cages for birds (parrots)

For transportation of birds, the most diverse, at first glance, devices were used. However, it was the cells that gradually came into fashion. Moreover, the first bird cages were made exclusively from wood, as from the most common and cheap material of that time.

Perhaps, subsequently, this served as the fact that in the houses of nobles and wealthy people it was often possible to notice characteristic wooden houses.

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As technology developed, other materials, such as metal or plastic, began to be used as components of such cells. However, the original cells were made exclusively of wood. In addition, in addition to its cheapness, one should not forget about environmental friendliness. After all, even not all modern materials can boast that they are completely safe for tamed parrots.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cages for birds (parrots)

As for the most successful designs, there are several. In the first place should be placed a cage made in the style of a modern nesting house for birds. In such cells there was only one open side, the rest were made of light-tight wooden sheets.

Such contraction, despite its primitiveness and simplicity, is the best option not only for maintenance, but also for the safe transportation of your birds. In addition, this design reliably protects the pet from prying eyes. Therefore, the bird in it feels relatively safe.

However, as you probably noticed, these parrots are too simple for the outside. Perhaps that is why for wealthy people of the past, a design completely made of rods was invented. The only exception to it was a solid wooden pallet.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cages for birds (parrots)

Thanks to the imagination of people involved in the manufacture of such cages for tamed birds, incredibly beautiful houses for parrots were born. The demand for them was so great that they easily went into fashion.

Even now, after many years, the manufactured cages for feathered pets have the same or similar appearance. What has changed in them is only that the materials mentioned above began to use plastic and metal.

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As for the wood from which it is customary to produce certain types of cells, it is oak, ash, maple, linden, aspen, etc. Moreover, the most valuable species are those species of wood that not only perfectly tolerate high humidity indoors for keeping birds, but also have sufficient strength.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cages for birds (parrots)

The last of these characteristics of the material is very important due to the fact that almost all birds love to taste and nibble everything. Therefore, for most parrots, it is only a matter of time to destroy the cells made from unsuitable varieties of wood and the subsequent escape.

The disadvantages of wooden cages

The most significant drawback of wooden bird houses is their cost. After all, a cell made in production using plastic and metal will be much cheaper than a hand-made one.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cages for birds (parrots)

In addition, the durability of wooden structures leaves much to be desired. Over time, they darken, dry out, and so on. These factors play an important role in choosing a reliable and durable cell design.

As for hygiene, wooden structures are not designed to be treated with modern disinfectants. From them, the destruction rate of the house only increases.

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