Arrangement And Selection Of Cages For Budgies

The quality of life of a feathered pet depends largely on its new home. You can not put a budgie in a box and hope that it will be healthy and cheerful. Specialized cages have been sold for domestic parrots since ancient times.

Dimensions and shape of cages for budgies

If the buyer wants to immediately get a couple of parrots, then the minimum cage sizes will be: 75 cm, 45 cm and 75 cm. If possible, it is better to spend money on a large cage in which feathered pets can play and even fly.

Arrangement and selection of cages for budgies

Attention should be paid to the form of future housing for birds. The shape of the cells just does not seem to be important, in fact it greatly affects the physical and mental development of the budgerigar. For example, a round cage is contraindicated in this species of bird. The appearance of the budgie indicates that it is a playful and mobile bird, but sometimes it even needs solitude. To do this, choose the angle at which the feathered pet can sit all day. If there is no such place, then the bird will begin to panic and disorient in space, this will cause depression and drowsiness.

Arrangement and selection of cages for budgies

Designers offer graceful figured cells. Of course, products like real art objects look like. But professional breeders will say that such houses do not fit budgies. These birds love to cling their paws to the bars and hang on them. Additional bends or forged elements can damage the limbs of a feathered pet. There are cases when a bird got stuck between intricate bends and broke its wings and even curled its neck.

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Arrangement and selection of cages for budgies

Where to put a cage for a budgie?

More difficult than choosing a cage is finding a place to install it. You can not often drag a house with a bird, otherwise the pets will begin to feel bad. It is best for the cell to highlight the corner of the room. The parrot should live in the room where family members most often gather. This species of birds loves communication and in long silence they begin to get bored. It is strictly forbidden to place a taphole with parrots in the kitchen, it is very hot there and numerous smells will annoy the bird.

Arrangement and selection of cages for budgies

A window is also not a good place. Budgerigars do not like drafts and open windows. In summer, it’ll be too hot near the window, and in winter you will feel cool from the window. Better just in good weather to take out a cage with a feathered pet on the balcony.

If there is no place for a bird’s house in the corner, then you can hang the cage against the wall or simply put it on a pedestal. But it is worth considering an important factor – shelves and foreign objects should not be above the cage. Budgerigars are shy, of course, not like the corolla birds, but still do not rustle over their heads.

Arrangement and selection of cages for budgies

All cages are sold with a metal bottom. Ideally, it must be removed, otherwise injuries to the lower extremities of the budgie cannot be avoided. It is best to put a special tray and lay plain paper or powder. Newspapers cannot be caged with exotic parrots; printing ink will negatively affect the health of a feathered pet. Once there is a suitable place for the cage, it is worth considering the arrangement of the house for the future pet. The cage should not be a prison, it is a cozy house in which the bird will sleep, eat and spend its leisure time.

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Budgie Cage: Arrangement

Drinking bowls and feeders – this is the first thing that is acquired for budgies. The water mold should be located near the perch. If it is put to the bottom, then the water will be polluted all the time. Feeders are attached below, if there are several parrots, then there should be the same number of forms for the feed. We must not forget about the mineral stone, about which the pet will sharpen its beak. A pebble is placed at the bottom of the cage.

Arrangement and selection of cages for budgies

Each cell must have poles. Ideally, it is best to find wooden objects protected by bark. Such items resemble natural branches and have a positive effect on the health of budgies. Position the perch 15 cm from the edge of the cage, otherwise the parrots will stick out their tails and break feathers. They hang several poles, place them at different levels.

Swings and ladders are also needed for domestic parrots. One shell per bird will suffice. Bells and other ringing objects may be present, but they should not interfere with flying from perch to perch. Many hang mirrors in cages with budgies. This is not always the right decision, as the psyche of parrots is unstable. Very often, feathered "daffodils" are fixated on reflection in the mirror and cease to adequately perceive the world around them.

Arrangement and selection of cages for budgies

Only a responsible approach will help to create a cozy place for a budgie. After buying a pet, worries do not end there. It is worth remembering that these birds need communication and special attention from the owner. And you also need to clean the cage of the feathered pet daily, otherwise the parrot will get sick.

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