Arrangement Of A Parrot Cage

Arrangement of a parrot cage

As you know, in the cage for a budgie, for his comfortable stay there, there should be only a minimum, and it is not worth overloading the cage with accessories. You also need to remember that the large sizes of various products for birds reduce the freedom of movement of the parrot inside his home. Therefore, the acquisition of various accessories must be approached wisely. In this article we will consider all the pros and cons of certain products with which we (and in the future, our pets) had a chance to meet.

Recently bought for their birds auto-feeders company "Diamond". Producer IP Artyukhov A.A. Russia, Stavropol. On the package it says that it is a car drinker, but in fact the item turned out to be a car feeder.

The accessory is made of sufficiently durable, high-quality plastic, which is odorless. Such a feeder is very convenient if you need to leave the birds alone at home for some time, and there will be no one to monitor them (change and fill the feed). In everyday life, such a thing can be useful and at first glance it seems convenient – the husk from the grains does not mix with food, which means that the budgerigar does not need to make special efforts to dig out whole seeds in the feeder. There is also a small minus of this “tableware” with such a feeder, it is difficult to determine how much the bird ate food at 1 time, so it is better to pour exactly the daily feed rate, and this is 1.5-2 teaspoons per budgerigar.

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Such a feeder is suitable for cells with a horizontal direction of the rods and is installed next to the perch. Before use, it is recommended to rinse it with hot running water, dry it and only after that you can pour grain mixture into it for your budgerigar.

During the use of the Diamond Drinker / Feeder, it was noticed that the husk was being poured onto the cage tray. After all, the parrot takes the grain, exfoliates it, the husk falls either back into the feeder (if we talk about the usual standard hanging feeder), in the case of such a feeder, there is practically no husk left. I can say that birds eat from it without any problems. Immediately realized what was happening. There were no difficulties with the development of this device. I would like to note that some budgerigars, especially chicks, like to "mess up" in ordinary hanging feeders – they climb into it and scatter all the food to the bottom of the cage. The Diamond feeder will help to avoid this, the bird simply will not be able to sprinkle feed from it. But then all the husks, after eating, will remain on the pallet of the cage, so in the parrot’s dwelling it will be necessary to clean a little more often.

In such a feeder it is very convenient to chop and rub vegetables / fruits, put sprouted grain. In addition, for porridges such a device is simply indispensable, because the dishes are easy to clean and nothing sticks to it. The feeder is easily installed in the cage, the fasteners "do not run away anywhere", as is the case with rectangular plastic feeders with fasteners on hooks.

Arrangement of a parrot cage

The most important advantage of this bowl is that it can even be boiled if necessary. This property is very relevant if the bird, due to illness, is quarantined in a separate cage. After boiling, the product can be used as many times as you like, and the bowl can also be washed in the dishwasher.

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For budgies, this device can fully serve as a bathing suit.

It is very convenient to hang such a capacity on the playground for a budgie.

But still there is one drawback, to use such a bowl for feeding budgies, it needs to be slightly modified. You should make a wooden rim along the entire diameter of the feeder so that it is comfortable to sit on it wavy.

A fairly common TRIXIE budgerigar feeder, made of durable plastic, is available to almost all parrot owners. Such a feeder can be safely washed in hot water, it is suitable for any kind of cells, i.e. it is universal.

But still, this German-made product has its drawbacks. Firstly, this is an inconvenient for budgerigars, it is very small and thin, which does not allow the bird to correctly grab such a perch by its paws. It’s very inconvenient to sit on a bird, so we advise you to modify it a bit, namely to install a wooden perch.

Secondly, the hooks of the fasteners are not very convenient for hanging the feeders in the parrot’s cage, they constantly “run away” in different directions, and if the container needs to be hung, for example, on the back wall of the cage, some difficulties may arise, in addition, a wavy parrot it can be easily dumped with a beak. Dropping a feeder can be avoided by slightly bending the tips in a semicircle to the feeder, but this will complicate the process of installing it on the cage a little. With such a feeder, you still need to handle it carefully and try not to drop it, because corners with hooks can simply break off.

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Choose the right drinkers and feeders for your feathered pets). See you on the site pages

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