Big Parrot Cage

Big Parrot Cage

Cage for a parrot.

Funny, curious and smart home dwellers are parrots. When deciding to acquire a feathered friend, one should not argue in the direction of “the larger the bird, the more problems”. This is fundamentally wrong. The current owners of these adorable birds will agree, regardless of species.

Large parrots, like small ones, require care and attention from their owner. Particular attention should be paid to the cells, since wavy, like small birds, will live in any cage, and Karelians, for example, can easily bend the rods of cells.

Big parrot cage – what is it?

It should be noted that parrots of large species can reach more than 3 kg in weight. Can you imagine their size?

First of all, we want to note that parrots in the cells of temporary detention can not be kept day and night – it is necessary to let out the birds to warm up. With a size of 70x70x60 cm of a temporary cage, the parrot is cramped and with insufficient space, the bird will begin to hurt and fade. If the parrot is not tame, be patient and get the hang of putting on a harness for walking, but don’t leave the cages so small for more than a day without a walk. The search for cages for large parrots should begin with determining the “dimensions” of the bird itself and your wishes for organizing the interior space of the parrot’s housing.

The main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a cage for large parrots:

Galvanized bars of the cage carry a danger not only at the moments when the parrot "picks" them with their beaks, but also at the moments when they receive refreshments fixed between them.

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Therefore, cheap cells with enameled rods are not suitable for caring owners. Bathing should be located at some distance from the feeders, which, in turn, are removed from the perches. The hole (door) for securing the socket should be almost under the roof. At the same time, it is worth considering the breed of parrots – the nest that you put at the disposal of a feathered mother can be perceived as a “dietary product” of obviously gastronomic purpose only because your pets are laid down by nature to build a nest on their own. Therefore, they do not need in any way an “extension” to the main cell, but an entire construction site with a sufficient number of building materials. Note – half of them can be simply eaten.

  1. Parrots are social birds and very quickly getting used to the daily routine of the hosts, so it’s important that the parrots — large and small — be openly accessible for the game zone so that the bird does not get bored in your absence.
  2. The beak of parrots is constantly growing and needs grinding, so there must be a mineral stone in the cage, which simultaneously performs two roles: a grinder and a source of minerals necessary for parrots.
  3. It is important that the cage has a contactless grating above the pallet. First, it will allow you to clean even if your pet is "at home". The second – the parrot will not walk on spilled food and other garbage, which will provide additional protection for its health.
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Proper placement of cages for parrots.

Like any living creature, parrots, being in an environment not comfortable for them, can get sick, start yearning, or even die. In order to avoid such sad moments, it is important to follow the rules for the placement of cells.

Does the pallet fill the cells?

The opinions of the owners of large parrots differ in the form of filling, but, nevertheless, a unanimous "FOR" is clearly visible. Recommended fillers are treated sand and sawdust. These natural materials guarantee you litter around the cage and pet pleasure. Decide what matters to you: a happy and healthy bird or cleanliness?

We do not undertake to describe other fillers, since neither newspapers, nor linoleum, nor paper or inorganic fillers will give you cleanliness, and your health will be spoiled by a parrot. Use the listed options for laying and filling – you can not!

Exception paper. Between the pallet and the parrot there should be a lattice that will not allow the parrot to get to the bottom of the cage. Also the grill will prevent the rise of fallen feed.

Household supplies cells.

Drinking bowl for a parrot.

The drinking bowl can be either automatic or a flask, or just a bowl. It is important to ensure that feces and food particles do not enter it.

Nevertheless, the parrot will taste it and our advice is better stainless steel and clean fresh water every day.

Bird feeders.

Provide feeders that do not have dampers or stops, between which the bird will have to stick its head. To avoid the spread of debris outside the cage, external pallets or fences can be provided. You can already buy a cage for jaco, amazon, cockatoo, macaw and other large birds with special "fields" on which food and feathers are scattered by parrots.

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Parrot feeders should be firmly fixed and not touch the floor or poles, so that the bird does not tip the cup of food, and also did not get food while sitting. The fixed lifestyle of a parrot leads to its obesity and inability to fly, and, as a result, to death.

Toys for birds.

Avoid placing accessories made of synthetic substances that parrots can nibble on – thin plastic, thread twisted flexible poles, glued elements. In any case, the bird will gnaw, but the result will be different: if plastic enters the stomach, fragile organs can be damaged and even cause bleeding; when swallowing pieces of bark or tree – the bird will clean the stomach and process the beak.

When buying cages for pets – it doesn’t matter: whether they are parrots, ferrets, hamsters or chinchillas – remember that you are not acquiring an element of decor, but housing for a small family member entirely dependent on you. To approach negligently with such a purchase is not right. Ask our experts a question, and ZOO Idea will help you choose the cage that is most suitable exactly for your request, taking into account all the necessary aspects for the pet.

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