Bird Cages

You need to buy a bird cage before you start them – otherwise they will just have nowhere to live. Only in a beautiful, comfortable, well-equipped "apartment" from the rods can you populate new winged "residents" and be sure that they will like it there. If the pet immediately gets used to flying freely around the room (causing damage to furniture and other personal items), then it will be extremely difficult to re-educate him. So you should take care of such a purchase in advance.

You need to start with a parameter such as size. What should it be like? Of course, this depends on the dimensions of the future feathered tenant, but not only – the availability of free space in your apartment also matters. But the interests of the pet are still more important. And you should not argue according to the principle “the more the better”: in a cage for birds that is too large, a budgie, for example, will feel unsafe and will experience constant stress because of this. On the other hand, tightness will not lead to anything good either: he will begin to pluck feathers for himself, peck, and may eventually become seriously ill. For each species of birds, there are standards for the size of the home, focus on them.

Form is also important. Often a decorative bird cage is made round, it looks cute and fits perfectly into many interiors. But at the same time, some experts argue that this form can confuse the inhabitant: it may seem to him that he walks in a circle all the time and loses orientation in space. Surely this, however, has not been proven, so the round bird cage remains a fashion trend. An alternative is the classic rectangular ones.

Bird cages

In any case, it is better to take models with a retractable bottom. It will be much easier for you to clean them, without disturbing the pet at the same time.

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But what about the material? The most environmentally friendly option is wooden bird cages. A well-treated tree is non-toxic, does not cause allergies and is durable. It also looks very beautiful. However, there is a minus: if such bird houses are poorly cleaned, they become nurseries of harmful microorganisms. The classic version – stainless metal in combination with plastic – looks more modest, but also lasts longer. So choose based on your priorities.

Bird cages

Of course, such an “apartment” also needs to be furnished. That is, to put in it all the things necessary for the feathered “newcomer”: a feeder and a drinking bowl, a bathing suit, perches, chalk for biting, a variety of toys. If the "tenant" will be alone, you can hang a mirror inside him to make it more fun.

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