Bird Cages Selection And Equipment

Bird cages selection and equipment

Birdcage: what to look for when choosing

Among the most important habitat factors, when choosing a bird cage, it is necessary to take into account the mode of stay of birds in it. The more time she spends in the house, the more spacious this object should be. If the feathered pet spends in the cage only periods of sleep or feeding, and the rest of the time is outside it, the dimensions of the dwelling can be small.

Bird cages selection and equipment

Important guidelines are also:

  • the ability to spread widely and flap wings;
  • width and depth are important indicators;
  • The height should exceed 1.5-2 times the length of the bird from the beak to the tip of the tail;
  • safe distance between the rods: the bird should not leave the cage through the gaps;
  • quality and convenience of the model.

Opinions of experts about the shape of the cell are ambiguous. The round shape without corners, according to many, does not give the bird a sense of security. Nevertheless, practice shows that, with proper care, round houses are as comfortable as rectangular ones.

Dimensions matter!

You intend to place the acquired cage in your home, so you definitely want its design and aesthetics to match the interior, bring a special charm to it. Therefore, it is quite natural that birdcages will attract your attention beautiful, unusual, elegant. These can be samples of a direct configuration, oval or hemispherical in shape, with various color shades and inlays. One thing is important: in search of the form, do not forget about the content: the main purpose of this subject. A cage is, first of all, housing, and secondly – a detail of the interior.

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So, the choice of dimensions is an indispensable condition for the acquisition of a bird house. The bird should not be crowded in it, otherwise it will not please the hosts with a cheerful mood, cheerful vanity, and welcome sounds. Each model of trellised house goes on sale with a label of sizes. If it is Hagen, then the dimensions indicate the letters S, M, L – small, medium, large. Other manufacturers may indicate the number and measurements, for example, “Bird cage N1 302339 cm”. If you are the owner of a small exotic bird, then the Hagen house of the S or M series is quite suitable for her. But for a medium-sized parrot, or Corella, you need a larger cell, for example Vision L.

How to maintain a birdcage

How to equip a cage

Want to pamper your pet? Then a swing or a multi-colored ladder with a bell can be useful, which will diversify the life of the bird. For some types of parrots, you can put a bathing suit.

And again about security

Stability is important for a cell; its base should not slide on the surface. Bright plastic and gilding are good when they do not pose a danger to the life of the pet, do not exude harmful odors and fumes. Metal rods, a ring for hanging should also be reliable. Set the cage at eye level, the bird will see a person approaching. Avoid placing the house in drafts near electrical appliances. Well-chosen architecture and size, the correct installation location will create a sense of security, make this monastery a real bird house.

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