Budgerigar Cage Size

One of the important parameters of keeping a parrot is the size of its housing – the cage where the bird spends most of its time. What should be guided by when buying such a house and what to look for?

How to determine the cage size for a budgie?

Like a person in his house, a bird in a cage should feel comfortable and cozy. Therefore, you need to buy a spacious house for a parrot so that the wavy can fly there. Its size should satisfy both you and your feathered pet. While in his house, the budgerigar should at least freely spread its wings in it and make short flights to its different parts. So, for the best choice, consider these rules:

Budgerigar cage size

    The parrot, which sits in the middle of the perch in the cage, should freely spread its wings, wave them, without touching the walls and twigs.

In a spacious cage, you can provide your pet with complete freedom of movement and improve its quality of life. And you yourself will get more pleasure by observing the development and habits of your wavy.

If the bird cage is too tight, then you will only torment the bird involuntarily. Of course, she will get used to a small apartment, but in the end it will be reflected in her health and longevity.

Parrot Cage Shape

Today, the selection of cells, their forms for budgies is huge. Still, do not give preference to artsy options. Most bird owners choose classic rectangular shapes. Here are their benefits:

  1. The round cage contributes to the loss of orientation of the bird. It gives concern to the wavy. Indeed, in cases of stress, the parrot should be given the opportunity to go to the far corner, which is impossible in a round cage.
  2. In a rectangular house it is more convenient to fix perches, toys, rocking chairs for parrots.
  3. The horizontal roof makes it possible to conveniently place game pads for bird entertainment. On a round roof they will fall.
  4. In a rectangular cage, it will be more convenient for a wavy to walk along the bottom than in a round one (some parrots love to run along the bottom of their house).
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It is also important to pay attention to the distance between the bars of the cell. It should be no more than twelve millimeters. Otherwise, your wavy pet will just crawl between the bars or get stuck there.

Choosing a cell location

The choice of cell location also needs to be done according to the rules. Here they are:

Budgerigar cage size
  1. Position the cage at the level of your eyes. Highly suspended, it will make it difficult to communicate with your pet, and with a low location it will feel uncomfortable.
  2. One side of the parrot’s housing should be adjacent to the wall so that it feels safe.
  3. It is necessary to place the cage in a place that would be accessible to sunlight. If the sun is too bright, then the cage can be hung with a cloth.
  4. The main enemy of the budgerigar is a draft. Consider this when choosing the location of the bird house.
  5. Do not place the cage in the kitchen: copious evaporation and food odors, frequent airing and temperature changes, even the use of non-stick cookware negatively affects the wavy.
  6. Do not place the bird house near household appliances (TVs, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators).

Follow our recommendations, and then the wavy will delight you with mischievous behavior and good health.

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