Cage – A House For A Parrot

Cage - a house for a parrot

We are used to thinking that a cage for a parrot is just its habitat, although in reality everything is much more serious. Indeed, for him this is not an aviary, but a full-fledged house where he spends most of his time. That is why when planning to provide your feathered pet with housing with or without a stand, it is very important to consider absolutely all the parameters. Including the presence of a mirror. Only in this case will the bird feel good.

What are the cells

Today, there is a huge selection of different cells that differ from each other according to different criteria. You need to approach the purchase very carefully, since not only the mood of the bird, but also the duration of its life depends on its proper organization. It is also very important not to forget about the stand.

First of all, you should start with the shape of the cage for parrots, since it is this factor that is one of the determining ones. First of all, they can be round and rectangular. Then the question relates to the roof: it can be straight or bizarre.

Cage - a house for a parrot

Experts do not recommend acquiring round-shaped cells, because in this case the parrot in the cage will not feel safe. If you do not want the bird to get lost in space, then such cages should be avoided.

Professionals also persistently advise against choosing cells whose roof has an unusual shape. Of course, if you do not want to spend all your free time cleaning the aviary of your feathered friend. Intricate designs require a lot of effort in the process of cleaning them. In addition, it is not always easy for them to find the right stand.

Cage - a house for a parrot

The best option is a rectangular aviary for parrots with a flat roof. Often the main hobby of a bird is limited to flying from one perch to another. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right size of the cage and stand for large parrots.

It is very important that even a large parrot it is convenient to spread its wings and make them move. For example, you should take the Budgie, as they are the most frequent guests at home. For such a bird, the minimum cage size (taking into account the free location of two poles at a decent distance from each other) should be at least 40 centimeters in length, 25 in width and 30 in height.

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Another very significant criterion is the material from which the cell is made. Indeed, in the process of its life, a large or small parrot can indulge in a variety of entertainments. One of the feathered friends’ favorites is the “war” with the bars of the cage, which they constantly bite and nibble.

Cage - a house for a parrot

So that the bird’s health is not in danger, this moment needs to be thought out in advance. Today, aviaries from a wide variety of materials are presented on the market: from all-metal and wooden to plastic and combined. In no case do you need to purchase copper or galvanized aviaries, since these materials are extremely dangerous for parrots, but stainless steel is a very good choice.

Where to put the cage

It is very important to position the cell at the level of human growth. In this sense, a special stand helps a lot. In this case, you should choose the bright part of the room, however, think through everything in such a way that the bird does not appear in a draft. It’s logical: you need to arrange the stand so that the bird constantly sees you.

Our parrots constantly need sunlight, as it helps to improve bird health. You need to take care of your favorites and leave one corner darkened in case of the hot sun. In no case should you place the stand where the radiators are located or place it practically on the ceiling itself. It is also forbidden to leave your feathered friend to live in the kitchen, as aromas will not do him any good.

Cage - a house for a parrot

How to craft a cage

A loving and caring owner can always make a cage and even a stand with his own hands, because it is not at all difficult. First of all, you should decide on the size. How to do this we have already described a little higher. In our instructions, we will make a cell measuring 60 x 25 x 35 cm.

Cage - a house for a parrot

Materials and Tools

  • fiberboard or plywood sheet;
  • wooden slats with a section of 2×5 cm;
  • metal mesh with cells 1-2 cm;
  • copper wire;
  • corner;
  • nails
  • metallic profile;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • file;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers.
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Cage - a house for a parrot

Step-by-step instruction

  1. We cut a rectangle of 60 x 25 cm in size from plywood or fiberboard with our own hands and stuff wooden battens along its edges, forming sides – this will be the bottom for the aviary and a kind of stand for the cage.
  2. We cut the metal profile into blanks. For each long wall, we make 2 segments of 60 cm and 2 of 35 cm. For each short wall, 2 of 25 cm and 2 of 35 cm. For the roof, 2 of 60 cm and 2 of 25 cm.
  3. Then we cut the side of the metal profile with our own hands and bend the longitudinal part at an angle of 90 degrees. It is to her that we subsequently attach the lower and upper parts.
  4. In accordance with the size of the frames, measure the required number of grids. There should not be any gaps between it and the profile.
  5. We attach the grid to the frames made, mark the places where they intersect.
  6. We take a drill and make holes in the place of marks. It is very important that the diameter of the holes is the same as that of the wire mesh.
  7. We arm ourselves with pliers and look for those ends of the wire that naughty stick out. They should be eliminated by folding them inward. It is through this action that you can make the cell stiff. In the end, five frames are obtained: 2 lateral, 1 front, 1 rear and 1 upper.
  8. We fasten the frame with our own hands, using corners and screws.
  9. In the front wall we cut a hole for the door. In accordance with its size, we make a frame of rails and pull on it a cut piece of mesh. Hinges and locks can be made of copper wire. This is how you can easily make a cage with your own hands. It remains to place poles, dishes and a mirror in it. If desired, you can make a stand.

Cage - a house for a parrot

Cell equipment

It is very important that the “bird room” had everything for a full-fledged stay of a large parrot. A separate issue is the mirror, but we will talk about it in more detail.

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Poles are a very important element in a well-made cage. The thing is that the bird spends almost all the time on them. So, these seemingly insignificant elements determine the state in which the legs of the parrot are. It is necessary to ensure that the perches are large enough.

Cage - a house for a parrot

It is very important that the poles are of different sizes. They are mounted relative to each other in such a way that nothing prevents a large parrot from flapping its wings when it jumps from one pole to another. In addition, when turning a feathered friend should not touch the rods.

Drinking bowls and feeders

Dishes for a parrot must certainly be made of very high quality material, since its health depends on it. If financial opportunity allows, it is best to opt for china. The budget option is plastic (as in the photo).

Cage - a house for a parrot

Drinking bowls can be open and closed. In principle, each of them is convenient, but there are difficulties with closed ones, because some parrots categorically do not want to eat from them. In no case should the owner place the feeder directly under the perch, since in this case excrement can get into it. Now we should talk about the mirror.


A mirror is far from an essential element in a cage for a parrot. It is believed that if a mirror appears in the aviary, then the bird can never speak. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the feathered one is so carried away by his "rivals" that he ceases to be interested in anything.

However, the presence of a mirror makes both a large and a small parrot not so alone. If you are not afraid that the bird will concentrate all attention on its reflection, then buy a mirror and do not think. Perhaps it is the mirror that will make the bird happy.

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Video “We make a cell with our own hands”

In this video you can see how you can make an aviary for a bird with your own hands at home, listen to useful tips and learn how to properly equip your pet’s home.

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