Cage For The Parrot Parrot, How To Choose The Cage For The Parrot, Reviews And Recommendations

Before you get one or another pet in your home, you need to find out about all the intricacies of keeping an animal, caring for it, feeding rules, and also create in advance all favorable conditions for its life. In this case, we will talk about parrots, which first of all need to choose the right cage and equip it from the inside.

How to choose a cage for Corella

Initially, in the field of view of the owner of the coral, there should be cells exclusively for this type of parrot. Carefully study the parameters of the cell and its size, also consider how many parrots will live here in the future. Among the well-known models and brands of manufacturing cages for Corella, Ferplast has become the leading brand. Within this line of Corella cells, the most widely used three models are proposed according to cell sizes and dimensions: Gala, Piano 5 and Piano 6.

What size should the cell have

In order to predict the size of the cage for your parrot in advance, you need to consider that in such a "home" the bird should spread its wings with ease, and also fly inside from one perch to another. As a rule, for one corella, the minimum cage size will be sufficient – 50 cm x 60 cm x 80 cm. But since parrot owners often acquire a pair so that the birds live happily and give offspring, respectively, a lot of free space will be required for a pair of parrots.

There is one more nuance of the choice of cage for the Corella, which the owner should know – the height of such a "house" of parrots should be greater than the width and depth. This is due to the fact that parrots need the ability to climb up. A correct cage will assume sharp corners, as a rounded cage causes stress and discomfort in the bird.

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If there will be more than 1 parrot in the cage

In general, a pair of corellas will have a fairly small cage with parameters of 100x40x60 cm, but most often experienced parrot owners acquire a more spacious home. The optimal size is 150x60x90 cm so that in the cage the birds can not only move, but also fly. If there is not enough free space for such a bird, the corella can damage its limbs and acquire serious diseases. If it is not possible to acquire a spacious cage for any reason, you need to let out the Corell daily to fly in an apartment or house.

What to look for when choosing a cell

In order to choose a safe and comfortable cage for a corella, the following common defects and defects should be avoided:

  1. Do not buy a cage in which metal parts are painted. The ideal option is chrome steel.
  2. The lower part of the ideal cage for the core should have a retractable bottom (pallet).
  3. The cage for the Corella should be rectangular, with high walls. Well, if one wall will assume horizontal bars, so that the parrot can climb up.
  4. The more spacious the cage you choose, the better your pet will feel in it. It is very important that there are no round corners in the cage, which provokes a bird’s sense of stress.
  5. Between the rods of the cell there should be no more than 2 cm of space so that the head does not get stuck in the cell.

Overview of several popular cell models

As mentioned earlier, among all companies involved in the manufacture of cages for parrots, the leader was the brand Ferplast. In addition, complete with cages, Italian suppliers offer various devices for a comfortable stay of birds in cages – drinking bowls, poles, toys, etc.

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We bring to your attention the most popular cell models for corella:

  • Ferplast Gala – a high cage with a rounded roof, white with a blue pallet. The size of such a “home” for the Corella will be 50x30x75.5 cm.
  • Piano 5 is a spacious wide cage in which you can immediately contain a pair of Corelli. In such an excellent aviary, the pet will feel great. Due to the extended width of the cage, two birds will always have a place for games and movements. Dimensions – 71x38x63 cm.
  • Piano 6 is an improved model of the previous cell, in which you can immediately contain a pair of Corelli. An elongated cage measuring 87×46.5×70 cm in size allows birds to comfortably move around the poles.
  • IMAC Wilma is an Italian cage for a corolla that features a rectangular open-top cage.
  • IMAC Andorra Gold is the most elegant cage of all existing models today. In its configuration, all the important elements of the life of the parrots are provided.

Once you have purchased a cage for your Corella parrot, pick the right place for it. For a parrot it will be calmer in a cage that will stand against the wall.

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