Cages For Parrots And Other Birds

Cages for parrots and other birds

A cage is a house in which a bird lives, eats, and is protected from predatory pets living in an apartment. Premises for birds are made of wood, metal or plastic. How to choose a suitable cage in which the bird will feel good?

What should be the cell

The most suitable shape for the home is a rectangle. The length should be greater than the width as well as the height. The acquisition of metal, wood or plastic cages should be avoided. The presence of all materials is an indicator of product quality. The zoo industry produces cages for canaries, budgies, medium and large parrots. If an ornithologist decides to contain another bird, the dwelling is chosen in proportion to the size of the feathered pet. Cages for the following bird species are sold:

  1. Canaries, budgies.
  2. Middle perroque.
  3. Macaw and cockatoo.

In addition to the above, cages, stands, cages on wheels are popular.

Cages for small and medium birds

Ferplast Piano is a house for canaries, budgies and other small birds. Rectangular shape, strict design are equally good for the owner and feathered companion. In the cage there are 2 rungs covered with soft rubber, a pair of rotary feeders. A retractable tray allows daily cleaning. One or two birds live in the apartment.

The product from Triol is spacious and beautiful. Lattice rods are painted in golden tones.

Made for small or medium percussion. A pair of feeders and perches allows you to keep lovebirds, corellas, amadins or canaries. In addition to the front door, the dwelling is equipped with two side doors.

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Ferplast Regina housing is round. It is intended for small birds. The brass coating of the rods gives the house an attractive look. 2 retractable trays are mounted in a plastic pallet. Complete with a cage are a swing, a pocket mirror, which birds like to look at, a drinking bowl, a bowl, and turning feeders. The device is suspended by a ring mounted on top.

Imac’s pagoda house contains small birds or a medium sized perroca. Elegant architecture enhances the positive emotions of the viewer watching the game of parrots or canaries. The cage is equipped with two doors. In the dwelling place a drinking bowl, 2 feeders, swinging roosters. The pallet extends, it is convenient to clean it.

Ferplast Sonya is acquired by the owners of small birds. The cage of the original form is equipped with a drinking bowl, two feeders, three poles, as well as game equipment. A handle is attached on top, for which you can hang the house anywhere.

Cages for medium and large parrots

Imac’s Wilma Lodge is equipped with a hinged top. Two pull-out trays facilitate the work of maintenance staff on cleaning parrot apartments. A high pallet protects the apartment from scattered debris. Includes 4 feeders with devices to prevent tearing off the cage by an up-and-coming bird. For entertainment, the perroque has four polymer crossbars.


Cages are called cages designed to accommodate several small birds. Apartments Kova 55 from the company Imak are made for canaries. The room is divided into 2 sections. In the second, canaries or budgies are planted. In one apartment you can contain different types of birds. If there is no such need, the partition is removed and launched into a spacious room with several perrocs or canaries.

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The Imak Swing booth is a design that looks more complicated and attractive than the previous one. The cascade of perches provides entertainment to the big parrot, and guests have something to show.

The bird drinks and feeds from containers attached at the very top. To make the stand easy to move around the apartment, it was put on its legs, wheels were attached.

Cages on wheels

Elegant products are designed to decorate the apartment and along the way provide a comfortable stay for the birds. The Imac Matilde camper is moved around the apartment, rolled out onto a balcony or a veranda, if weather permits. Numerous crossbars are arranged in an elegant staircase. Movement gives parrots pleasure.

The roof opens up. You can fly or walk around the apartment, and if you get tired, you can return home.

Beginning amateur ornithologists can buy a bird house when buying a pet, preferably a budgie. When the poultryman has gained experience, he starts a more interesting bird. Preliminarily study the assortment of cells, choose the appropriate one, study the rules of operation, and only then acquire the inhabitant of the cell.

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