Canary Cage Equip Singing Apartment

Canary cage equip singing apartment

Canary Cage Dimensions

For single content: 30 x 15 x 25 cm (length, width, height).

For sharing several birds female: 50 x 25 x 30 cm It is not recommended to place males together.

For Kenars, Learning to sing: 45 x 25 x 30 cm

During the breeding season: 75 x 25 x 30 cm

It is better to use a rectangular cage for a canary. It is more convenient and practical than with a spherical dome and other excesses.

Cage material

Cell, completely made of wood, safe for birds. In addition, canaries make less noise in it. But a wooden cage is destroyed by dampness. You can not disinfect it. In addition, bloodsucking parasites that are dangerous to birds can settle in the tree. Cheap wooden cage for canary breaks quickly. But the quality made by a good master, very durable, but costs a lot of money.

Wood and metal construction. In this case, the bottom of the cage is wooden, and the rods are metal. Such houses are preferred by professional kenar breeders. They are easy to clean, but they are afraid of dampness and cannot stand disinfection. Wooden parts darken from water, dust and bird feces. To protect them, it is necessary to periodically cover with nitrocellulose varnish. Plus – affordable price.

Canary cage made of plastic and metal. Best for beginners. It can be washed, treated with disinfectants. But such a cage does not absorb the noise produced by birds. Prices for this type of bird houses can be different, both low and very high.

Cell should not emit an unpleasant chemical smell. The rods should be made of aluminum, steel or duralumin, but in no case of copper wire. You can paint only the outer surfaces of the cell. Do not use paint with lead white for this, they are poisonous. It is not recommended to put the bird in a round cage. It is cramped, and its shape adversely affects the psyche of pets.

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Canary cage construction and equipment

Easy and convenient to clean the house with a drawer. It is better if it is metal or plastic, since it is important to regularly disinfect the pallet.

The design of the canary cage should provide for 2 doors: one for feeding, the other for hanging nests and bathing.

There are cells with triangular and flat roofs for sale. Flat is more practical. You can put another cell on it.

A canary in a cage requires four feeders:

Feeders are automatic and conventional. Automatic is convenient to use during departures. They have enough grain and water for 2-3 days. The usual ones are suitable for every day.

It is not recommended to settle the birds in troubled, noisy places: at the TV, audio systems. Do not place the cage in the drafts, near the windows, in direct sunlight. The best option is a bright place near the wall. The bird house can be hung from the ceiling, on the wall or mounted on a special stand. A large cage can be placed on the floor.

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