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Canaries are rightfully considered pets. Nevertheless, captive birds need special conditions. Therefore, the important and relevant issue is the proper selection and equipment of housing for her. A cage for a canary has the same meaning as an apartment for a person. However, if people regularly leave their homes, then the bird very rarely leaves its small shelter. There is an opinion that it’s better to put the kenar in a closer cage, supposedly he sings better. Most kenar breeders take a fundamentally opposite position, believing that in a caged bird a bird could injure its wings. However, a spacious and wide house is by no means a guarantee of the absence of injuries. Because the canary may try to flutter, often bumping into walls. We will understand this difficult question.

The size

When choosing such an important attribute of the pet’s content as a cage for a canary, you should determine how many birds will be in it. If the content is solitary, the cell should be thirty centimeters long, fifteen centimeters wide, and twenty five centimeters high. Sharing two or more females will require an increase in the size of the dwelling. The length of the cell in this case will be fifty, the width is twenty-five, and the height is thirty centimeters. It should be noted that male birds are not recommended to be housed together, whatever the size of the cages. The size of the Kenar home, which is trained in singing, should be as follows: length – forty-five centimeters, width – twenty, and height – thirty centimeters.

During reproduction, separate houses are recommended for use. A rectangular cage for a canary is well suited, having dimensions: length – seventy-five, width – twenty-five, and height – thirty centimeters. It is more convenient and practical than aviaries with excesses.


If the owner of the bird decided to purchase a structure made of wood and metal, then he is a professional kenar breeder. In such a product, the bottom is made of wood, and the twigs are made of metal. Such houses can be quickly and easily cleaned. Despite this, they are adversely affected by dampness and are afraid of a procedure such as disinfection. Water, dust, bird feces – all this together will contribute to the darkening of wooden parts.

Canary cage

Advice for beginner breeders

Beginners are advised to purchase a cage made of plastic and metal. Such a product is not afraid of washing and disinfection. However, such a house does not have the ability to absorb the noise made by the bird. The price of this type of bird housing varies widely. In this regard, it is possible to purchase both small cheap products and expensive large cells.

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How to choose the right canary cage

When buying a bird house, you should remember some subtleties:

1. Both in the cell and outside it should not be felt an unpleasant chemical smell emanating from the product.

2. The rods should be made of metals such as steel, aluminum, duralumin, but in no case from copper wire.

3. A house equipped with a retractable tray is much easier to clean. It is desirable that it be made of metal or plastic, so that it is possible to regularly disinfect it.

4. The design must provide for two doors, one of which is necessary for feeding and caring for the bird, and the other for hanging nests and bathings.

5. Given the habit of some canaries, sitting on the perch, to climb "on tiptoe" and flap their wings, trying to reach the twigs, possible injuries should be prevented. For this, it is necessary to choose a cage in which the distance between the highest pole and the roof will be more than ten centimeters.

Canary cage

Product Care

It so happens that over time the bird cage loses its aesthetic appearance. In this case, the owners resort to such a measure as painting. You need to know that the paint is toxic to pets, so you can only process the exterior of the cage with it. In no case should you use paint containing lead white in its composition.

It is also undesirable to settle the birds in round cages, as they are close, and their shape negatively affects the psyche of pets. The most practical will be a flat roof, since it is possible to place another cage on it.

Canary cage


The canary needs four types of feeders. The first of them is used for feeding grain, the second for water, the third for vitamins (for example, greens), and the fourth for sand. The feeder can be either conventional or automatic. If the first ones are suitable for every day, the others are convenient to use during the absence of the owner. They have enough grain and water for two or even three days.


Aviaries for birds are not recommended to be placed in a restless, noisy place, for example, near a TV, audio system. You should also not put a bird house in a draft near the window, under the direct influence of sunlight. It will optimally place aviaries for birds in a bright place near the wall. It is allowed to hang the cage on the wall near the ceiling or place it on special stands. A large house is usually placed on the floor.

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The safest cells

The bird house is considered optimal, the basis of which is stainless steel or iron coated with a special powder substance. The shape is cylindrical or rectangular. At the same time, close cylindrical cages deprive a bird of freedom of flight and movement. The best solution is an aviary where the canary can fly a lot, maintaining its muscles in good shape. A spacious cage in the horizontal plane will be an excellent choice, where the pet can actively move. It should be remembered that a good aviary cannot be cheap.

Can I make a bird house myself?

Do-it-yourself canary cages should also be made from quality materials. Both the health of the canary and its safety are directly related to this. In the matter of the choice of material, preference is given to wood, since it is environmentally friendly. Twigs are also desirable to make of wood. It will be more hygienic than wire accessories. For the manufacture of wooden rods, beams are cut, which are pulled through a round drawing eye. It will be even better if you do this with a conical steel tube, which is sharpened sharply.

Optimal solution

If there is no way to build a house with your own hands, a Ferplast bird cage will help out. This brand deservedly enjoys the appreciation and love of the owners of canaries around the world. The company’s website contains a complete catalog for birds, where you can choose not only a cage to your taste, but also accessories and accessories for it.

Canary cage

Products "Triol"

Canary cages manufactured under the Triol brand are similar. Since the company has been on the market since 2007, today it has already become a major supplier. A distinctive feature of the products of this company is both competitive price and acceptable quality. For owners who are looking for good and affordable apartments for their feathered pets, Triol cages will be a convenient help.

For example, for the spacious living of one or two birds, the Triol BC18 models (length – eight hundred thirty, width – seven hundred seventy, height – one thousand six hundred eighty centimeters) are suitable, SY210 (length – one thousand twenty centimeters, width – seven hundred ninety, height – one thousand seven hundred sixty centimeters). Their dimensions turn the cage into real apartments. Due to the presence of side protective sides, the space around the cage will be protected from debris. In addition, these models have special legs with castors that allow bird houses to be moved effortlessly. A distinctive feature of such cells is the roof, which is equipped with several poles, a drinking bowl and ladders. This allows even two canaries to play and frolic freely.

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The Triol BC02 models (length – seven hundred eighty, width – six hundred, height – one thousand five hundred sixty centimeters) and BC 14 (length – eight hundred twenty, width – seven hundred seventy, height – one thousand five hundred sixty centimeters) are an excellent solution. The opening top of these cells allows feathered friends to use the top of their home as a separate small playground during a walk. The BC 02 model is an analogy of the Italian FOP Liana with slight differences. So, in VS 02 there is no protection against debris. Despite this, a lower price attracts more buyers, allowing the Sun 02 to remain an affordable and attractive model.

What is a cell grid for?

This simple device has been used for many years in poultry farming. With its help, economic territories are divided into zones. The grid for cages allows you to create many aviaries in which birds can be kept outdoors. For its manufacture, several types of components are used. It can be a grid with square cells, woven mesh, woven with small cells, the thickness of which is less than ten square millimeters.

More often than others, wicker netting with square cells is used for the construction of enclosures. The most profitable is the one that is made from low-carbon galvanized wire or from uncoated wire. Welded mesh for cells is made according to the same principle. In the manufacture of wire rods are perpendicular to each other. They are connected by spot welding. In this case, the welded wire mesh is selected in such a way as to correspond to the size of the cells. The head of the bird should not crawl through the cage, but can pass freely and so that the body remains inside.

The main advantage of the grid for cages is that it does not interfere with the free circulation of air and helps to exercise visual control over the birds.

Thus, a cage for a canary should not have heaps and architectural excesses. The best choice would be a house in which three sides are made of metal, wooden materials or organic glass, and one side is a grid. In order to create conditions close to the dark of the day for birds, a curtain should be used in cages of this type. Also, in any house, you must have two doors, so that the owner can take care of the bird, without disturbing the rest of the feathered pets.

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