Correla Cage

Correla cage

Before buying a cage for Corella, you need to find out what it should be. Let’s figure out what the requirements for the cell, except that you should like it)

Important! Birds are not adapted to live in cramped conditions, from which they can injure wings or become ill. Therefore, if now it is not possible to purchase a spacious dwelling, every day you must release the Corella to fly in the room for several hours.

Correla cage

Cell Size for Corella should let her fly around the cage, flipping, jumping from perch to perch. Unfortunately in the literature there is no consensus on the size of the dwelling. Let’s estimate the size of the cell ourselves. What will we build on?

The wingspan of the cockatiel is at least 30 cm. It means that in flight it does not catch wings on the bars of the cage, the width of the cage should be at least 50 cm. Well, the depth, respectively, is also 50 cm if the bottom of the cage is square.

Further, the corals love to hang upside down, clinging to a ring or the top of the cage. Naturally, at the same time, she should not get her head to the floor. This means that the height of the cage should in any case be greater than the full growth (length) of the bird, from the beak to the tail, and another 10 cm. The length of the corrella is approximately 30 cm (half of them are the tail), measure your bird yourself. Total minimum 40 cm. Also keep in mind that at the bottom of the cage a sliding tray eats up the place, there may be a bath, a feeding trough, something else. Add another 10 cm. Total minimum cell height 50 cm.

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From this we get that the recommendations most similar to the truth are:

For one corella, it is better to use a vertical cage with a size of 60x50x50 cm, for a couple – a cage with a size of 150x70x70 cm, but in a rectangular shape

And of course – more space – even better.

Correla cage

In order for the cage for the Corella parrot to be good, it must meet the requirements:

  • Pay attention to the rods. Wooden ones are not suitable because they will quickly deteriorate. They can not be covered with paint. A cage made of steel is best suited.. A parrot will not be able to eat this fence and not be poisoned by small particles of paint that the bird will necessarily peel off with its beak. Steel cells are easy to clean and disinfect; they do not oxidize from moisture.
  • The cage should be such that the parrot could calmly spread wings and flip from one pole to another. The size of the corella is quite large, therefore buy a big cage.
  • House need high. Choose a dwelling so that one wall is with horizontal weaving of rods. Parrots love to climb. This will allow them to climb to the top and hang on the wall. They need similar exercises.
  • There should be a pallet below, which is being advanced. This will help remove the cage without opening it, and without disturbing the parrots. Debris and husk, through the lower grill, will fall onto the pallet and the birds will not be able to reach them with their beak. This will save pets from the possibility of contracting infectious diseases and poisoning.
  • Bottom can be done plastic sides, so that the food does not fly around the room.
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Correla cage

For the cell should be bathtub for bathing. Parrots need a swim. They need to be given this opportunity at least once a week. After the birds bathe, water must be removed so that the corals do not drink dirty liquid.

Door need wide. It should be convenient to stick your hand into it to wash the feeders and poles, change the feed. The owner may at any time need to pull the pet out of the cage. The size of the hole is required, which allows you to do this without crushing the parrot.

In the cell, set a few perches. They need to be hung in different places, the bird will move more, flying from one pole to another. Use the poles so that the Corella does not completely encircle their paws. There should be room, so the bird gets tired less. You can use tree branches treated with boiling water to destroy microbes.

Correla cage

Feeders are different. It is best to use purchased containers with lids. But also wide, but shallow smooth plates will do. The feeders are set away from the poles so that the bird droppings do not get into the feed.

Change the water every day. The drinker needs to be washed thoroughly. Closed automatic containers are convenient for use. Garbage does not get there and the water is not polluted.

It is very important to purchase toys for corella. It can be ladders, bells, swings. They will bring a lot of joy to your pet. Take out and renew the toys periodically – as they wear out and for washing and disinfection.

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