Hagen Bird Cages – Superior Quality And Aesthetics

What should be a bird cage

When choosing a bird cage, many buyers first of all pay attention to the external effect of the product: bright colors, fancy shapes, catchy design. In fact, completely different characteristics are important for bird housing. These include:

Hagen Bird Cages - Superior Quality and Aesthetics

What factors should be considered when choosing a cell

  1. Form factor. Experts unequivocally speak out for rectangular models, since round geometry, in their opinion, disorients the birds. There are no angles that the bird needs to feel protected in dangerous situations. As for the houses of curved shapes, they are considered unsafe, since the bird can, when sporting, damage the wing. Round and oval products are good as a temporary shelter, as well as for manual transportation, because the streamlined shape makes it easy to carry the cage even in crowded places, without catching passersby with sharp corners.
  2. Size factor. The dimensions of the bird’s apartment should take into account the time during which the bird will remain locked up. A long period requires housing to be large. A short period of time spent locked up allows you to be content with a smaller cell.
  3. The location of the rods and gratings of the bottom. The horizontal arrangement of the rods is the best option for the bird. As for the bottom grate, it is better that the pallet is separated by a grate from the living area. Then the pet will not come into contact with the garbage that accumulates there. However, the lattice is a removable part of the cage, so the owner himself can decide whether it is worth installing it.
  4. Retractable pallet. Daily cleaning is an important condition for keeping birds. It is most convenient to produce it in models with a removable or extendable pallet.
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Hagen Vision – the ideal home for birds

Many buyers highlight Hagen bird cages among the numerous trading offers. These are products of the Canadian-German manufacturer Hagen, the production of which is established at the company’s branches around the world. The most famous are the Canadian, German, English and American branches. In the laboratories of scientific centers, there is a continuous process of improving old models and creating new product lines, which today numbers about 5,000 items.

What is the advantage of Hagen cells? In addition to convenience and quality, Hagen models combine practical functionality with an elegant design:

  • Each series is represented by at least a dozen different cages intended for large, medium and miniature birds.
  • You can choose a model equipped with a pallet of a certain size, a low one-story or a high two-story.
  • If the color scheme matters to you, then choose the color of accessories to choose from: blue, green, terracotta palette.
  • External access to drinking bowls and feeders is another important advantage of the design, as well as the two-sided (in and out) possibility of opening the doors of the houses.
  • No tools or special skills are required to assemble any of the cells.
  • The houses are equipped with a deep removable tray with a side.

Sizes of bird "apartments"

When choosing houses, it is convenient to use the catalog, where the Hagen Vision line is represented by models of various sizes:

  • If you need a cage of small birds, such as canaries or budgies, then small-sized samples of the Vision II S01 or Vision II S02 are suitable
  • If housing is purchased for finches and lovebirds, you should pay attention to the Vision II M01 or Vision II M02, which have larger dimensions. By the way, budgies and canaries will also be comfortable here.
  • Medium-sized parrots, for example, Corella, as well as other long-tailed birds, require larger houses, such as Vision II M11 and Vision II M12.
  • Ideal for keeping feathered pets of medium size, the L-series models of the same name, distinguished by their spaciousness and comfort!
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It is noteworthy that many serial models are equipped with additional accessories (poles, drinking feeders), which means that you do not need to additionally purchase or make them.

If possible, do not deprive the bird of space and choose a more voluminous housing. Feathers, like people, have sanitary standards for living space, so it is advisable to observe at least the necessary minimum!

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