How To Choose A Cage For A Budgie

How to choose a cage for a budgie

The basis of the foundations of the happy life of a budgie is a convenient cage. But how to choose the right model? What features to pay attention to?

  • Material

The most important characteristic of a cell is material. The classic and at the same time the best solution for parrots is all-metal products, for example, nickel-plated, made of steel wire. They transmit light well, do not obstruct the view, are not afraid of moisture and disinfectant solutions.

Never buy copper cells. From moisture and detergents, copper is coated with poisonous to birds oxide.

Despite pleasant associations with nature, wooden designs for parrots are a poor choice. The tree is easily contaminated, absorbs water and disinfectant solutions, and is also an excellent refuge for external parasites. Combined cells, as a rule, are made of a wooden frame and metal rods, but they are not the best solution.

However, products made of synthetic material, for example, from organic glass, not only look beautiful and modern, but also make a worthy competition to all-metal models. They are hygienic, not afraid of moisture and disinfection, but, unfortunately, they are vulnerable to hot water, high temperatures and fire hazard.

Despite the spectacular and decorative, round and multifaceted cells are not suitable for budgies. They can be a good complement to the interior, but your pet will feel bad in them.

The optimal cage shape for parrots is rectangular, with a flat top. It is convenient for the birds in it, besides, when keeping several parrots, it will be possible to install one structure on a friend and, thus, save space in the apartment.

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How to choose a cage for a budgie

Budgerigars do not fly, but their cage should be quite spacious. The main thing is that the bird can spread its wings freely, without touching the rods.

Budgerigars often move along longitudinal poles, so height and width are not as important as its length. The optimal cage size for two budgies is 60 × 30 × 40 cm, however, a more spacious construction, from 100 cm in length, is required for breeding.

  • What should be in the cage?

The budgerigar must have a feeder and a drinker (at a remote distance from each other so that water does not fall on the feed), 2-3 poles, a couple of toys and a mineral stone for grinding the beak.

It is recommended to purchase a cage with a retractable bottom, this facilitates cleaning and protects the bird from stress. For greater convenience, sand is poured down in a thin layer (as a filler), which retains unpleasant odors.

Guided by such characteristics, you can easily choose a reliable and comfortable house for a budgie!

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