How To Choose A Cage For A Corella Parrot

In an apartment, the parrot spends most of the time in the cage. The owner’s task is to provide the pet with the safest and most spacious house, where he can comfortably move, relax, play. Then the bird will be healthy and happy. Therefore, it is so important to know what a cell should be for a corella.

How to choose a cage for a Corella parrot


The minimum house size for one corella is 50/50/60 cm. But the larger the cage, the better for the pet. The benefits of a spacious home:

  • it is easy to place a drinker, feeder, toys, ladders and other objects in it;
  • the pet will be able to actively move;
  • if desired, you can add a new friend.

Therefore, to the question – what size does a cell need for a corella, the answer is obvious: the larger the better. In the absence of space for movement, the parrot develops physical inactivity, which leads to many other health problems. A large cage is especially relevant if the owner cannot let the parrot fly for more than a minimum of 2 hours a day. Of course, a spacious house will not replace time in the wild, but in it the pet will be able to move and diversify leisure.

The form

Stores offer hundreds of cells of all shapes and styles. The most popular are round and cylindrical, and they are also the most unsuitable for Corella. In such a house, the bird will not feel safe. Angles give a feeling of peace to feathered birds, but in them they like to settle comfortably at night. Therefore, irregularly shaped cells should be discarded – in such a pet it will constantly remain in stress, become irritable and begin to engage in self-pinching.

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The best choice is a rectangular spacious cage with a simple flat roof. Moreover, the most important indicator is the length of the cell. A bird flies in its house from pole to pole, moving horizontally, so it needs enough room for maneuvers.

Manufacturers create cells with exquisite additions: designer roofs, corners and outlines. This design looks stylish in the house, but, firstly, it is potentially dangerous for the pet – it may get stuck or get injured somewhere. Secondly, cells with original elements are very difficult to clean and maintain. Therefore, the best option is the simplest designs.

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How to choose a cage for a Corella parrot


Inspecting the bars of the cage, measure the gap – it should be no more than 2.3 cm. The bird will not be able to stick its curious head into such a gap and get injured. Regarding the location of the rods, expert opinions differ. Someone thinks that it is better to choose cells with a horizontal direction of the rods – so it will be more convenient for a parrot to climb. But many say that moving along vertically spaced rods gives additional physical exertion. Therefore, it is permissible to choose either of two options or their combination.

The most safe in composition are chrome-plated cells; they are not oxidized and do not contain toxic substances for birds. Models without a wooden edging are considered successful – her parrot will be happy to nibble. Because of the same habit of Corella, to try everything on its beak, their owners refuse colored cells. The parrot will scrape off and eat paint from the rods, which will entail sad consequences.

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How to choose a cage for a Corella parrot


Doors are the most dangerous element of a cell. They should be simple and reliable, not made on the basis of the “guillotine” principle. The more doors there are in the house, the easier it is to clean, place objects, and the more convenient it is for the pet. In an ideal cage, at least 3 doors:

  • the main one, on the front part, is large enough to bring in and get out of it a parrot sitting on the owner’s finger;
  • lateral, for bathing;
  • lateral, located higher, for a nesting house.

How to choose a cage for a Corella parrot


Choose a plastic tray in the cage for the cockatiel. It is durable and reliable, does not absorb dirt and odors. It is easy to wash it under a stream of hot water with a brush, the cleaning process will take no more than 5 minutes. The pallet must be securely fastened, while freely getting out of the house.

Which color to choose

Do not try to match the cage to the color of the interior. The main decoration of the room in any case will be a parrot that looks presentable in any setting. The main thing is that the cage is safe for the pet.

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