How To Choose The Right Bird Cage

How to choose the right bird cage

A bird that will live among people for some time will cease to be afraid of them over time. Over time, the bird ceases to think about its food and only waits for the time when you give it everything ready. They also lose their natural perseverance. If a bird that has lived for many years in a cage falls into the wild, then it will certainly die, as it has lost the habit of self-serving its needs. It should be understood that, having tamed a bird, you must take care of it throughout its life.

A cage should be selected based on which bird it is intended for. Cell dimensions are very important. If the bird is crowded in it, then it will begin to eat fat and die quickly. For the goldfinch, the smallest cage with a length of forty-five centimeters and a height of thirty centimeters will be sufficient. If the bird is the size of a starling, you will have to acquire a larger cage. As for large birds, such as the parrot, the cage is suitable for them, a cage the size of a meter wide and the same height.

In no case should you place small birds in large cages. In fact, this will not make them feel more comfortable and they will still consider only part of this cage as their home. Small cages for large birds also do not bring any benefit. Nina will be able to develop normally, which will lead to rapid death of the bird.

When choosing a cage, you should give preference to ordinary rectangular cells. They are easy to maintain and will not cause difficulties when washing them. There are some breeds of birds that require a cage with a domed top. But this is extremely rare, as indeed such cells. The more there are all kinds of protrusions on the cell, the more difficult it will be to take care of it. The main criterion for choosing a cell is good light transmission and the absence of drafts.

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It is not recommended to install the cage on the windowsill, as the bird may overheat and become ill. Large cells are often used to keep several birds together. Usually these are birds that should always be in motion and those that cannot stand loneliness. Often these cells are also used for breeding birds. To do this, they are placed in pairs.

Cells today are made from various materials. It is worth paying attention to those that are made of iron, as they are more durable. Many birds clean their beak about the rods of a cage, and in this case, a cage made of wood will become worthless within a few weeks. It is worth paying attention to various bird poles. They can also be made of various materials, but there are no special selection criteria here. You can use the most common twigs and twigs of any tree.

Do not neglect various toys for birds. It is worth buying a special bird mirror and several bells. So it will be more fun for them to spend time while you are not at home. That’s all the subtleties that should be considered when choosing a bird cage. We hope this material was useful to you..

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