How To Clean A Budgie Cage

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A feathered pet cage is a real home. Like your own home, the cage needs to be kept clean and tidy. If you don’t wash it and do not clean it from bird droppings, then you may encounter such problems:

the development of diseases in budgerigars;
the appearance of parasites in the form of ticks and worms;
unpleasant odor;
weakened immunity in the feathered pet;
stress and depression in birds.

The cage needs to be cleaned regularly; each owner must observe this rule. Daily attention is paid to feeders and drinking bowls. They need to be cleaned of food residues every day. The drinker seems clean only at first glance, in fact, mucus from the saliva of a budgerigar settles on its walls. These waste products must be washed thoroughly, otherwise the bird may become ill. And once a week, it is recommended to keep all forms for food in boiling water.

It is convenient to wash the feeders with ordinary toothbrushes. For more thorough washing, baking soda can be used. Chemicals are not recommended for these purposes, otherwise you can provoke an upset gastrointestinal tract in the budgerigar.

How to clean a budgie cage

But the poles, swings, stairs and the bottom of the cage are cleaned twice a week. If this procedure is performed only once, then difficulties will arise. It is difficult to wash dried litter under a normal stream of water. That is why it is necessary to establish cleaning days. They can also be cleaned with baking soda and a toothbrush. Do not use a brush that is used to wash feeders and drinkers. Parrots, like people, should have different cleaning items for each occasion, just like people. As you know, no one washes their dishes with a toilet brush.

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If the litter is poorly removed from the corners of the stairs, then you just need to soak the item in boiling water for several minutes. After that, the remaining dirt is easily removed. To hang objects back in a cage, they must be well dried.

The remains of food and droppings stick to the bottom of the cell; such dirt is not easy to remove. To facilitate your work, you need to pour dry sand into a clean pallet. It will not be harmful to budgies, but at the same time, cleaning the cages with sand is much easier. You just need to shake the contaminated sand from the bottom and rinse the tray thoroughly in hot water. After drying, a small layer of sand is again placed on the bottom. The bottom of the cell can be washed with soap and water, it is better to use ordinary household soap. Flavored detergents can harm a feathered friend.

Once a month, you need to carry out a general cleaning of the entire cage. The budgie will need to be transplanted into another box or released for flights. It all depends on how the feathered pet behaves and how tamed he is. For general cleaning, you will need a soap solution and tincture of chamomile. Pharmacy chamomile is sold in any pharmacy, it is simply brewed with boiling water and allowed to infuse for several hours. The packaging describes in detail the process of preparing chamomile infusion.

How to clean a budgie cage

After the parrot is temporarily evicted from the cage, all feeders and toys are removed. They are soaked in hot water with soda. Next, you should remove the bottom of the cage from the droppings and residues of feed. During the general cleaning, the bars of the cage are also washed. It is necessary to thoroughly rinse every corner of the cage, it is there that parasites hiding, which can harm any domestic parrot.

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Human disinfectants are very strong and effective, but for feathered babies they can be fatal. That is why it is impossible to wash the cells of parrots and x feeders with these drugs. Budgerigars are prone to disease if their habitat is not kept clean. Each pet requires care and proper care from the owner. Only then the bird will have fun jumping around the cage, and play with a person.

How to clean a budgie cage

Do not ignore the purge cage. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant consequences due to dirt. Litter is also a danger to a feathered friend. It sticks to the paws and causes inflammation. The budgie begins to limp and suffer from pain caused by ulcers. These are just the minimal consequences of a careless attitude to a budgie. If you take care of the bird, then it will live about 12-16 years and at the same time it will never encounter serious diseases.

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