How To Determine The Cage Size For A Budgie

How to determine the cage size for a budgie

When acquiring a pet like the budgerigar, the first thing you should think about is how to choose the right cage for it. One of the most important criteria in her choice is size. The cage should not be very small, otherwise the bird will not feel comfortable.

There are different types of budgies, from large, intelligent and able to talk with their owners, to small parrots, and any of them can be kept in a city apartment. These are very popular poultry, but before you get such a pet in your home, you need to clearly understand how to keep it, and to know all the intricacies of care. Parrots can live up to 15 years, but this figure can be significantly reduced if the bird is not kept properly.

The first question that you should pay attention to when there is a firm decision to have a budgie in your home is how to choose the right cage for the parrot. You need to pay attention to the size, shape and material of the cell, based on the size of the parrot. It will also be equally important to choose the correct location of the cage in the room.

Owners of birds should remember that their pets must live in cages, they need to be released for a certain time – to stretch their wings, but you can’t give the whole apartment to their full use. After all, parrots are poultry, and over the long years of domestication, they are used to a limited space. Currently, there are statistics that parrots living in apartments without cages often do not even live up to three years.

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The correct location of the cage with a parrot is a well-lit place, away from drafts. At the same time, direct sunlight should not fall on the cage, and fans or air conditioners (if any) should be located as far as possible from the pet.

The size of the cage depends not only on the size of the bird, but also on whether they will live there several at once or only one budgerigar. A cage for a small budgie should be approximately 70 cm long, 40 cm high and 30 cm wide. If the cell is planned to contain more than two parrots, therefore, the size of the cell should increase at least a half to two times. When keeping two pairs of birds, it is also recommended to pay special attention to the fact that the cage should have two outlets and two feeders. There should be no sharp edges in the cage so that parrots do not accidentally get hurt, you should also make sure that there are no large gaps, this again, will prevent possible injuries.

How to determine the cage size for a budgie

The optimal distance between the rods of the cage is 10 mm, if they are closer, this will interfere with the view, further, the parrot can crawl between them, or, even worse, get stuck. We must not forget about cleaning the cage. It is recommended to remove and wash the pan every day, and at the same time wipe all the poles. Rinse the entire cage with hot water once a week. All kinds of chemicals or special detergents cannot be used! Water can be replaced with a hot decoction of chamomile pharmacy, as well as refreshing the cell with a solution of soda 1-2 times every six months. It is very simple to prepare such a solution: add 1–3 teaspoons of soda to 1 liter of warm water. The resulting mixture to clean the cell.

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The parrot periodically needs to hang fresh branches and buds of trees in the cage, they need them to grind its beak. In addition, from the bark and thin branches, birds receive vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth.

How to determine the cage size for a budgie

After the cell is selected, you need to equip it. Inside there must be a feeding trough, a drinking bowl, a bathtub, perches, ladders, toys. If there is more than one parrot in the cage, respectively, there should be more devices, so that everyone suffices. Parrots love chalk, they need it as a source of calcium, and they can also grind it off, so it should always be in a cage, either solid or crumbled (if the bird’s beak is still not hard enough) Toys and mirrors should not be neglected , experts advise giving preference to wood products – they are the safest. But do not rush to extremes. Too many toys are just as bad as their absence.

Despite the fact that the cage for a parrot is very important, you can’t keep it there twenty-four hours a day. Birds are required to be released so that they fly and stretch their wings. In addition, such walks contribute to better digestion, well-being and mood of the pet. Before releasing a bird in a new apartment for the first time, you need to let it get comfortable. Let her first examine her cell from all sides, feel that she is completely safe here.

The next step should be to prepare the room. Until the bird completely gets used to it, it is worth curtaining windows, cracks, and other dangerous places. It must be foreseen that the parrot, out of ignorance, can catch on something, climb and get stuck somewhere, and, if possible, eliminate all these obstacles. When releasing a bird for a walk, it is worth knowing that parrots are not averse to feasting on various domestic plants. For example, they like to chew on flowers such as Dieffenbachia, ivy, fern and many others.

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The cage plays a very important role in keeping budgies, which is why cage size is so important for a parrot. In addition, it must be made of suitable material and be in the correct shape. Only if all the rules are observed, will the parrot please its owners with its healthy appearance.

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