How To Equip A Parrot Cage

Finally, you decided to make a parrot – a feathered friend who will not let you get bored on cold, winter evenings. All this is fine, just first think about your feathery favorite, so that he, as you feel good: what cage to build or purchase for him? After all, buying a cage is a very important and very responsible decision.

How to equip a parrot cage

Before buying a cage, you should initially determine the location of the birdhouse in which your feathered pet will constantly live: in a city large apartment, in a house? Or maybe you buy a budgie for kindergarten so that the kids have fun. Do your best so that after you bring the parrot, one or two home, they immediately have their own cozy permanent house. Parrots do not like change, so try to immediately determine the constant location of the cage, so that once again neither members of your family nor parrots bother.

What shape should the cell be

A large, spacious cage is the most convenient home for budgies. Although for small birds the cage can be of any, not necessarily rectangular shape, although it is better that the cage is just such, but made of plastic. Rectangular cages are all the more convenient for a bird because they have a special retractable bottom, a drinking bowl and a feeding trough. Unlike cages made from wood, plastic cages for parrots can be washed with water.

Such cages are suitable for budgies, but if you have one large parrot, it is better for him to choose a cage made or welded from stainless metal or steel.

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How to equip a parrot cage

In order to contain a large Amazon or a Jaco parrot, the parrot house must be large enough, with a height of up to 70 centimeters and a total area of ​​45 by 45 centimeters: provided that you allow your feathery friend to leave the cage regularly, i.e. sometimes for a walk.

In any case, even if you have small budgies, then in a small cage in size they will be themselves feel not comfortable. There will be very little space for them, especially if you have 2 parrots living in it right away. After all, the birds will have to sit on their perches all the time without movement, so do not be surprised that your feathered pets will noticeably recover. When buying a cage for a parrot, think about how your beautiful and beloved birds will live in them.

Cell Accessories

Feeders. In the parrot cage, it is advisable to install three feeders at once: for grain feed, for mineral feed and separately for soft. It is desirable that drinking bowls and feeders for parrots are durable, made of stainless steel and have a suitable size. In addition to feeding troughs and drinking bowls, in a cage, install special dishes with charcoal, river sand, and also finely crushed egg shells. All these three components (charcoal, crushed eggshell and river sand) are very necessary for the bird so that its digestive system is normal.

Toys Budgies are playful, companionable creatures, which is why they like various toys. However, you can’t throw any toys in the cage to the parrots. Before you start buying any bird toy, check it for safety. Do not buy a parrot cheap Chinese plastics, he will nibble them. Better buy a bell on a chain – it’s fun and joy for you.

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How to equip a parrot cage

Choosing a place for a budgie cage

The place where the cell should be located, should be well lit, and never be, in direct sunlight, in any case, (it is known that these rays are very harmful to the body of parrots). Do not place the cage near the door, and especially on the draft, as in most cases, the draft is the main cause of death of domestic parrots. In the room in which the bird lives, the air temperature should be 25 degrees Celsius, and not lower. If your house is constantly damp, then think about whether a parrot can live in such a place, will it get sick?

The best solution where it will be possible to put a cage is in that part of the apartment or house, where you are often going with the whole family. It can be a living room, dining room and even a relaxation room. Arrange the cage with the bird so that it does not interfere with anyone, and all members of your family have always been in the center of attention of the bird – and you have fun and it is interesting to watch you.

Your wavy friend will be the happiest, as he realizes that he is one of the members of the entire family "pack", and he is happy with you.

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