How To Make A Cell Yourself

So, the combined cage consists of a frame, a metal grill, a door for the inlet of a bird or its capture; the top of the cage has two openings with doors for hanging the nesting device. A necessary part of the cage is two sliding pallets for sand or paper litter.

A frame is the basis of a cage or an ordinary cage. It should have cutouts for pallets that are inserted on both sides, and a feeder. In the cage, the feeder is best done in the middle, then the food in it will not be contaminated by birds. The frame should be made of strong wood (oak, ash, beech, maple). In addition, instead of wooden boards one centimeter thick, plastics (getinax, textolite, plexiglass and plexiglass are less suitable) or sheet metal up to 8-10 mm thick can be used.

First, planks of the required sizes are prepared. On the strips, in their upper part, mark the places where it will be necessary to drill holes in order to stretch through them pieces of wire for the grate. The distance between the rods of the cage depends on the type of bird – 1.0-1.2 cm is enough for canaries. With this distance between the wires, the canary will not stick its head in and will not fly out of the cage. Since birds, due to their plumage, appear larger than they actually are, it is easy to make a mistake when making a cage by eye and choose a too large gap between the bars of the lattice, so when drilling holes, you need to accurately mark the distances between them.

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The wire should be stainless steel, for a cage of the indicated size (Table 1) it is best to have a diameter of about 1 mm. The holes for the wire in the lower trims are drilled up to 6 cm deep, in the upper and middle – through or in the upper – half. The diameter of the drill is chosen so that the wire enters the finished holes with great difficulty. In one of the lower planks in the middle, below, a cutout for a feeding trough is cut out (6×2 cm).

The frame is assembled in the following order: first the lower strips are beaten and in the middle – guides for the feeder about 2 cm high, then the bottom bottom of sheet aluminum or sheet metal (or even plywood) is fixed with nails, screws or screws, depending on what it is made of cell framework; after that, vertical strips are attached at the corners of the frame and in the middle, and the middle strips are attached to them for the stability of the iron lattice.

After collecting the frame, they begin to manufacture an iron grate. A wire pre-cut to the size is inserted into each hole in the bar, fixing it in the hole with glue (BF-2, etc.). At the same time, a clearance for the door is left below the front grill, and on the sides at the top – for suspension of socket devices. In the door strips, two extreme holes are drilled through for free (rotational) fastening of the door, and the rest to half the thickness of the strip. Also come with doors that close the holes for hanging the sockets.

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Doors are also assembled from pre-prepared iron wires, which are inserted into the holes of the door strips, after having lubricated their ends with glue. One of the wires of the iron grate is pushed into the extreme holes, on which the door will move freely. Its size should be sufficient so that you can stick your hand into it with a canary.

How to make a cell yourself

As a rule, rods of cells are placed vertically. Such an arrangement allows them to see the bird better than with a horizontal arrangement of rods. The ends of the rods should not protrude inward or outward of the cage.

The gap through which the pallet is inserted must be closed by a shutter so that the canary does not fly out through it during the replacement of the litter. It is advisable to close the slot with the same shutter when pulling out the feeder. Departures of canaries during work in the cage are noted quite often and usually lead to the death of the bird, which has already forgotten how to find food in nature. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the installation of dampers.

How to make a cell yourself

The feeder and pan are made of sheet aluminum with a thickness of about 2 mm. The pallet should freely enter the gap formed between the main bottom and the side lower laths of the frame. Sand and debris that fall between the pallet and the bottom should not interfere with its movement, so the gap for the pallet should be slightly larger (1-2 mm) than the pallet itself. It is possible to stain the cage only from the outside, and in no case should poisonous paints be used for this.

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Wooden planks should be sanded with a fine emery cloth, soaked with natural drying oil, so that a moisture-proof protective layer forms on their surface, dried, and then varnished.

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