How To Use An Empty Bird Cage

How to use an empty bird cage

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How to choose a cage for a bird Tell me, please, which cage is best suited for a large parrot? Interested in the material – the bird has a sufficiently powerful beak, can it bend thin rods? Also tell me, what size of cage is needed to make the bird as comfortable as possible? Is it possible to equip the cage inside?

The approximate size of the cage for one pair of budgies 60X40X30 can be a little larger, but it should not be small and large, the horizontal size of the cage should be larger than the vertical, so that they would have enough space to spread wings! In a round cage, the bird may lose orientation, this will cause her concern, in case of stress, the parrot should be able to go to the far corner, so I do not advise buying round cages. Cells can be all-metal, plastic, wooden, combined (with a wooden skeleton and a metal grill), etc. The most robust, durable and hygienic all-metal cells that freely transmit light. Cells made of plastic (plexiglass, getinax, etc.) are also hygienic, resistant to chemicals, but are afraid of high temperatures (for example, hot water when washing).

If you are planning to start a bird house, you need to take care of the cage in which you will keep it. The size of the cage depends on the size of the bird in adulthood, it must be taken into account that the bird must fit with spread wings in the cage, so that it has the opportunity to fly. For these purposes, high domed cells, without sharp corners and crevices, are suitable. Inside the cage you need to hang poles, perches, rings on which the bird will rest or move around the cage. the cage should have a drinking bowl, a feeding trough, a retractable bottom that is easy to remove from the cage and clean. Depending on the size of the bird, on how active it is, choose the size of the cage. The shape of the cage is desirable round, domed, without extra corners and loops, without decorations, made of non-oxidizing metal. It can be galvanized iron, stainless steel or aluminum. The cage should be convenient to care for, it should have a removable tray. A drinker is required, swings, perches, a bowl for feed are desirable. Do not install many different branches, poles, this can interfere with the movement of the bird. The cage should be rectangular in shape; in round cages, birds feel uncomfortable. The rods at the cage should be located horizontally, since it will be convenient for the parrot to climb on them. The rods of the cage should not be galvanized, since it is harmful to the digestive system of the parrot, it is better if they are made of stainless steel. The size of the cage should be such that the bird can calmly spread its wings in it so that they do not touch the walls of the cage. There should be poles, a feeding trough and toys in the cage, but this should also not hamper the movement of the parrot, and even at the bottom of the cage it is better to make a lattice so that the parrot does not tear the litter with its claws.

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A cage for a large bird, of course, you can equip yourself. But you need to start with the choice of cells. The cage should be rectangular in shape. In round cells, the parrot loses its orientation. The length of the cage should be greater than its height, and the rods should be horizontal, along vertical rods, the bird is inconvenient to climb. If the bird is large, then the preferred thickness of the rods is 4 mm. And the best material of the rods is stainless steel. The size of the cage should be such that the bird can completely spread its wings, wave them and not touch the cell walls. The poles, drinking bowls and feeding troughs must be arranged so that they do not interfere with the bird moving. Then your pet will be comfortable. What else I would like to talk about is the quality of the cells! Now many unscrupulous cell sellers are trying to sell Chinese cells of poor quality, passing them off as Italian, so be careful. The fact that a parrot will quickly break it is not so bad, the main thing is different – a parrot can just cripple a bar torn off by it.

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