How To Wash A Bird Cage

How to wash a bird cage

All birds that fall into captivity need special care and cleanliness. If the owner of the bird neglects cleanliness and hygiene, then the pet can just get sick, and he can also get various parasites that can cause death if you run it very hard.

In addition to the fact that the cage needs to be washed every day, after the old litter is cleaned and a new litter is laid after washing, it is also necessary to thoroughly rinse the feeders and monitor their cleanliness. It is not recommended to use newspapers, as well as magazines as bedding material, as ink can get on the feet of a pet and this can cause some diseases.

In order for daily cleaning of the cage to be simple, it is best to stock up on some means:

1. by brush;
2. spray gun;
3. potassium permanganate;
4. laundry soap;
5. infusion of wormwood or chamomile;
6. baking soda.

How to wash a bird cage

When the pet first appeared in the house, you need to immediately take care of his health. Before use, a new cage must be washed well immediately, even if it looks perfect and completely clean. General cleaning in the bird house should be done every week and at least. Parrots are very active birds, which in 7 days can turn a cage into a real warehouse of any garbage.

How to wash the cage, each person decides for himself, but if it is small, then it can be taken to the bathtub and brought into proper shape there. Using a shower can greatly simplify the process of cleaning the cage.

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If the cage is quite large and cannot fit in the bathroom, then you can wash it simply in the room, before that, cover the table or floor with plastic or plastic oilcloth.

How can a cell be washed well?

Before cleaning, all things and toys must be taken out of the cage. The grill, pan, feeder, perch are things that any bird needs for a normal life, but they need to be washed separately, and not with the cage.

To wash tap holes, you can use ordinary soda or laundry soap. Using a brush, you can wash your pet’s house very quickly and easily. After the cell is washed, it is necessary to rinse it with hot water and put in a convenient place for drying.

If it is possible to wash the cage in the bathroom, then you can simplify this activity with the help of a shower and make it more enjoyable and faster. For washing, you can use a shower, as well as a brush and soap. At the bottom of the bath you need to put a rubber mat, but if it is not at hand, then you can use an ordinary towel so as not to scratch the enamel on the bathroom.

It’s much harder to wash a bath in a room. You can use the spray gun, with which you can spray the cell with hot water. This must be done so that the adhering droppings fall off with the rest of the feed. The next step is to lather the rag and use it to clean the rods that you need to carefully wipe, and then wipe them with a damp cloth.

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In order to disinfect the cage, only those products that do not contain chlorine should be used, since this substance is very dangerous for the health of birds. It disinfects a solution of potassium permanganate or ordinary chamomile, which can be found in a regular pharmacy. To improve the effect, you can use everything at the same time. If there is no chamomile in the house, then you can use wormwood.

Before disinfection, it is necessary to dry the cage very well or wipe it with a towel. With the prepared solution, it is necessary to treat the cell and rinse it with water or just wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it. In no case should traces of disinfectants remain on the rods of the cage, which are very dangerous for the health of birds. Strong substances can not be used very often and they are best used when parasites appear.

How to wash a bird cage

After the bird’s cage is well washed, disinfected and dried, all the details must be put in it – a pan, drinking bowls, feeders. All attributes should be in place, they should be clean and dry.

If moisture remains in some places, it can cause mold, which can cause many diseases in birds. When the cage is thoroughly washed, cleaned, disinfected and dried, everything needs to be put in place and the budgie returned.

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