Importance In Bird Cell Sizes

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This post will be interesting only to those with parrots. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wavy, lovebirds or another kind, but it’s about bird cage sizes. It concerns all parrots and all birds in general. I would say little things that are important!

To a greater extent, this applies to newcomers in this matter, I’m just tired of explaining the same thing to my friends each time, so I am writing here and if your friends have a bird or questions related to them, then send them directly here. I have experience in this matter, I already wrote about a parrot, about their mating and about a dog and problems with it, and there is a video, how I made a cage with my own hands (look under the article)

  • Cell size should not be the one you have chosen, in terms of beauty, color, price, etc. The size should be so that your bird can stretch its wing and not touch the side wall with it if you have two of them (a couple), then double the cell size based on the first condition. This is about lateral size.
  • Now about the length – just double the lateral distance to be able to jump or climb.
  • Height: This is a proportion of the lateral size and length, but do not forget that sitting on the upper perch, your pet should not touch the lid of the cage with its head, and if there is a crest like a cockatoo, for example, then do not forget about its height in the raised state.
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What is this for? Just otherwise, the feathers in these places at the bird will be shabby and the bird itself will look like a scourge from your trash and you can forget about the beauty of your parrot!

By the same rule, the arrangement of the poles is made so that the bird sitting on it does not touch the walls of the cage with its tail, otherwise it will not have a tail, but a disheveled broom.

Bird cage design

  • The number of hearts, no more than 3, and then, if the cell is large. In principle, 2 or more, upper and lower, located on different sides, are enough to prevent bird droppings from emptying from the top of the pole when emptying the lower one.
  • The sticks themselves do not need to be made with plastic, iron, wooden bar, etc. Forget it all! Only from a natural branch and only with bark, besides, use the tree itself from an apple tree, pear, plum, an extreme version of maple, but not elm and poplar – about these trees forget it! Remember – this is important for your birds! Yes, they will gnaw on the bark and the perch itself, but the beak of your bird will grow correctly and all unnecessary will be sharpened. Would you like it if you had the scissors removed because you blunt them when you cut your nails? So the birds need to be given their instrument. How to gnaw the bark, change the perch. Just don’t forget, bringing the branch home from the street, pour boiling water over it to destroy the street infection.
  • Of course, there should be toys in the house, this is development and hobby, pick for yourself what to hang, some toys some love, others do not even fit, experiment here, but any bird will agree to gnaw and dissolve the rope in the mine. Therefore, lately I have not hung, no rings, no balls, no ladders, just a climbing rope. I myself weave it into a pigtail and that’s it! You can hang a bell if its ringing will not annoy you
  • Now about the mirrors, remove them! If you have a couple, then let yourself pay attention more than reflection.
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If you have one bird, then let it pay attention to you, not reflection. Otherwise, after a certain time you will be not interested in the bird!

  • The location of the feeder is controversial, on the one hand – it should be in the upper part, but then the garbage flies to the bottom strongly, on the other hand, if it is moved to the lower part, the bird will not be calm. I recommend that if the bird is fearful, then leave it in the upper part and attach plexiglass in this place to protect the fall of excess debris from grains from outside the cage. Well, when the bird becomes tame, you can lower the feeder below.
  • The pallet must be retractable for your convenience and have a grille on top for exclusion
  • Achi and I take a shower together

    contact between droppings and paws of a bird. Well, adherence to simple hygiene and sanitation rules (like people) We clean every day (every other day), we change water every day (read what water to drink), the cage, along with my grates, once a week, once a month can be treated with red wine.

  • Washing the birds with a strong wetting once a week, I offer you my own way and every day a little moisten them from a spray bottle for plants.
  • Do not forget that the main thing is that you must do everything with love. The bird should feel it, your love, care, protection, and then with such care, your bird will be very beautiful and healthy. (unforgettable about nutrition and vitamins)
  • In conclusion, I want to say that this topic is not fully disclosed, I only indicated the main importance: bird cages and cage design.

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