Macaw Parrot Cage And Other Accessories

The size of macaw parrots can vary from 30 cm to 100 cm. These are large birds that are not deprived of intelligence and adapt perfectly to different conditions. A powerful beak is used not only for the protection and extraction of food, with the help of it macaw parrots bite through the rods of their home and break free. That is why, deciding to purchase an exotic feathered pet, it is worth taking care of the cage where it will live for a long time. Ara live 20–70 years, it can be safely considered a full-fledged member of the family, which will require attention and proper treatment.

We go for the cage

  1. Cell dimensions are the most basic indicator. The minimum width of the dwelling for the macaw parrot should be at least 100 cm, and the length is 2-3 times greater. If small birds do not pay attention to the height of the cage, then for macaw parrots it is necessary to allocate a minimum of 180 cm, it is always worth remembering that the bird has a long tail.
    Macaw parrot cage and other accessories
  2. The minimum size of the cage is permissible only if the bird only sleeps and eats in a confined space. Many owners prefer to give the parrot maximum freedom, allowing them to fly around the house. In warm countries, feathered pets live in street enclosures, they are allowed to go home only during bad weather or at night.
  3. The thickness of the rods should not be less than 3.5 mm, otherwise the macaw parrot will bite them. The escape will be carried out in a matter of hours, while the bird may get seriously injured.
  4. Locks on the cage must be secure. Large parrots are endowed with a special ability to analyze, it is enough for them to see several times how the castle opens in order to independently fly to freedom. Latches, hooks are simple mechanisms, so it is best to purchase a barn lock with a key.
  5. In the cage must be present retractable tray, separated by a lattice or mesh. A parrot should not have access to its livelihood products and food that has fallen on them.
  6. Lattice apartments can be purchased ready-made, many companies produce specialized houses for macaw parrots. Some craftsmen make their own cage, this is a very real way out of the situation.
  7. If the cage is built on its own, then we must not forget about the door. The parrot should fly freely from its home, otherwise the wings or plumage may be damaged.
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Macaw parrot cage and other accessories

There are a lot of manufacturers in the modern market of accessories for domestic parrots. The following companies stand out among them:

  • Triol – All cells are made in China, the designs are reliable, and the prices are attractive. All apartments are equipped with appropriate pallets and a large door (80 cm). Prices are about 15,000-25,000 rubles;
  • Ferplast – cages with reinforced rods, feeders are provided, you will have to pay at least 50,000 rubles;
  • Inter-zoo – A Polish company offering spacious structures made of durable material, the cage will cost 35,000 rubles;
  • Savic – This is a Belgian company, which also has a good reputation among lovers of large parrots. The price for a cell of this company is 40,000-45,000 rubles.

Macaw parrot cage and other accessories

Macaw Parrot Cage Accessories

A comfortable stay in the cell consists of many factors. In captivity, any bird needs food and entertainment, otherwise the feathered pet will get bored and may become depressed. Ara parrot eats from feeding troughs, and water is poured into a drinking bowl. It is best to purchase metal objects that are attached to the outside of the cage. Plastic will quickly become worthless, as a large parrot will try to break the feeder with its powerful beak.

Macaw parrot cage and other accessories

Poles for large cells can be made independently. Best for these purposes are branches of oak, apple or beech. The bark should not be removed from the branches, but before being placed in the cage, the natural material is scalded with boiling water. Ideally, the toes should not close when the macaw sits on the perches. Over time, any branch needs to be replaced, so a feathered friend will sharpen his nails on wood all the time and even try to eat it.

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Bathing baths for large domestic parrots are not needed. They will not splash around in a small trough, as budgerigars like to do. To take water procedures, you will need a shower or spray. Very often you can see such a picture when the bird bathes in the wet leaves of a salad, do not interrupt this procedure. But this behavior indicates that the macaw wants to take a shower and clean its feathers.

Toys are also hung in a cage, but in most games parrots prefer to play with their master outside the cage. In any case, when choosing entertainment equipment, it is worth paying attention to structural strength and safety. Too small parts will easily fall into the beak of the bird. Which will lead to poisoning or disruption of the work of some organs.

Macaw parrot cage and other accessories

Ara is a special parrot that needs a specialized cage and appropriate equipment. Comfortable conditions will favorably affect the health and mood of a feathered family member.

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