Make A Quail Cage From The Net

Make a quail cage from the net

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the process of making cages for quail with your own hands. You may have come across similar articles on the Internet before, however, only by reading our detailed master class on breeding quails in cages, You will gain a complete picture of theoretical knowledge about the construction process and will be able to successfully apply them in practice. In this master class, detailed dimensions will be given, indicating the exact numbers and materials of manufacture, which will help facilitate the process of building at home.

Make a quail cage from the net

Agree that building something is quite complicated, even if it concerns not the construction of a large residential facility, but the creation of a cozy house for poultry. The most important material that will be needed in abundance is your desire. The desire to learn something and create something new Breeding such birds as quail require creating the most comfortable living conditions for them. This applies to both sufficient light and heat, proper feed, and suitable cells that can be easily made with your own hands and save a decent amount on their purchase.

Make a quail cage from the net

Quail Breeding Cages

Important Facts to Know About Quail

If you listen to the opinions of people who have been breeding birds for a long time, then they say the quail is not picky or whimsical. They rarely get sick and do not need all kinds of expensive vitamins and feed additives. In the case when the quail cages are made, not only qualitatively, but also correctly, their breeding goes from overwork to a very easy and fascinating task.

If you decide to breed quail, it is better that they live a real family. Their families differ in number from chicken and consist of one male and three to four females. Starting small, it is necessary to take into account that such a number of birds has enough space in the cage, the size of which is 30×30 centimeters. In height, such housing is about 20 centimeters. The top must be tightened with a soft cloth, and the feeders should be placed inside or outside. Feeding troughs will be located depending on what material you prefer for manufacturing.

Make a quail cage from the net

A wooden cage suggests the location of the feeders outside, mesh on the contrary.

Cozy quail house

Before you begin to make a home for your quail, you need to decide which housing is right for your family. There are not many options, so you have to choose between a grid and a tree. However, do not forget that if there are two main options, then several modernized ones can go in parallel with them.

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A cage made of wood may be:

Made only of wood, it will look like an ordinary box. As mentioned above, the dimensions are 30x30x25 centimeters. What could be easier than connecting boards to each other? You only need to feed the bird several times a day, and for this it is enough to lift the lid. However, this type of cage needs additional equipment: lighting, creating a comfortable temperature inside and ventilation, which means that additional investments will be required.

Disadvantages of wooden cages:
1. The high cost of the main production material.
2. Certain investments to create a comfortable bird environment.
3. May catch fire in case of extreme heat.

Metal cage (mesh) on a wooden frame:

1. It is necessary to create drawings of the future cell before proceeding with the work.
2. Based on the available drawings, you need to make a wooden base.
3. We cut the grid with the necessary pieces in accordance with the scheme. These will be the walls of the cell.
4. Stock up on additional materials.

Mesh birdhouse:

To create a cozy house from the net, in which your quail will live, you need to take a fine-mesh net. By folding the mesh from one part, you get walls. After the walls are received, it is necessary to fix the cage well and make the bottom and cover.

How to make a quail cage from a net on a wooden frame

To create the so-called dwelling for your bird, the dimensions of which will be 30 by 30 centimeters, made on a wooden base, you need to take the following materials:

Make a quail cage from the net

DIY quail cage sizes

DIY quail cages. Video

We fix the perpendicular using a metal corner and screws. Using nails, additionally strengthen the structure. In order for your creation to hold firmly before you strengthen it with nails, you can glue the tree together, so the design will be more durable.

Make a quail cage from the net

Always keep a drawing close at hand, there are some nuances indicated, failure to observe which can add to your trouble. If you look at the diagram, you can see that the part of the cage on which the door will be fixed is not fixed to the base. It will need to be inserted in the last turn already into a practically finished cell. In order for the door to open, do not forget to attach the canopies. Some of them are attached to the door, and the second part to the base. Measure your every action with the help of a measuring tool, this will help you to correctly determine the height of the canopies and in the future you will not have to redo anything. The door should fit snugly enough to the base of the cage, but at the same time the cage itself should not become loose during the opening and closing of the door. The approximate time it takes for you to create a base and cell is about two hours.

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Watch useful video: Quail cage in 45 minutes

The mesh, which is cut according to the required dimensions, is fixed on the base with nails. In the process of attaching the mesh, it is necessary to hammer the nail not completely, but so that it is possible to bend it with a loop. Each nail should be firmly fixed to the tree and held well, and also pressed the mesh to the base. Also remember that if any pieces of metal stick out, there is a chance that your bird will receive an undesirable injury.
On this, the creation of a quail cage came to an end. As a result, you have a great place to place your bird. The approximate amount that you spend to make one such house will not exceed 1000 rubles.

Quail cage

Another easy way to create a cozy home for your bird is to make it from only one grid. To do this, you need the following materials:

Metal mesh with a mesh size of 2×2 meters.
Rounded staples or bent nails for attaching the mesh.
Metal scissors and pliers

Quail cage size

Two ways to create a cell

Such a house can be created using one of the proposed methods:
1. Open the grid, taking into account the prepared drawings, after which all parts are interconnected in any convenient way. Remember that every detail should fit snugly against each other, no matter what the bird goes free.

2. The second option involves the method of folding the grid, taking into account the desired size. The ceiling is attached above, and the floor below. This method is much simpler than the previous one due to the fact that there are fewer mesh mounts.

Creating such a housing option for your bird will require less financial cost, and in time it will be much faster in execution. How strong and reliable the cell will be depends both on the rigidity of the selected material and on how well you were able to do your job. If you plan to breed a large number of birds, then you will need several of these cages. The choice is yours and depends on your skills and financial capabilities.

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Make a quail cage from the net

A variant of a movable quail cage made of metal mesh

Several floors

If it seems to you that the creation of communal housing for your birds is a laborious and incredibly complicated matter, then you can relax – this is absolutely not true. Such a structure is a multi-storey building, not just for people, but for quail. Everything. What is required of you is to make the number of cells that you need. A mandatory rule is to maintain the same size in all cells. Then put them one on one and fix so that the structure does not fail. This may not be necessary, but in order to avoid unpleasant incidents, it would still be safer to fasten them together.

Another nuance that should be considered when creating such a house for quail is the presence of a second bottom. This step must be foreseen at the stage of development of schemes. There are a lot of them on the Internet, so finding and sketching is not difficult. The presence of a second bottom is quite an important element, so it will be much easier for you to clean up after the birds, and the upper inhabitants will not cause inconvenience to those living from below.

For the convenience of the bird, food and water devices are best fixed on the outside separately for each of the cages. It is best if they are removed, so it will be easier for you to pour food and pour water.

In order not to get confused, we offer you step-by-step actions when creating such cells:
Create a drawing.
Make cells according to the drawings and all of the same size.
Secure the structure by firmly securing it.
Create comfortable conditions for the bird.

On this our construction of quail cages is completed. You just have to choose the most suitable option, implement the project and successfully raise these wonderful birds. We hope our article was useful and informative for you, we invite you to visit our section

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