Paradise Place For Bird Cages For Budgies

A pet house plays an important role in its existence – after all, it is there that he will spend most of his life. Therefore, the choice of a future home for a budgie should be taken very seriously. Nowadays, there are a huge number of bird cages, they differ in shape, size and content. […]

What Cage To Choose For Birds

First you need to determine the type of birds that you want to contain, and according to their size, select a cage. For small birds (astrilles, amaranths, siskins, tapas), the cells should be at least 80X40X50 cm. For larger birds (canaries, bullfinches, etc.) 100X50X60. For large thrushes, schuros, and corvids, an even more voluminous cage […]

How To Choose A Cage For A Parrot

What to look for when choosing a cell? For a feathered pet, a cage is not just a place where he eats and drinks. This is his refuge in which he must feel protected, this is the place where he can hide from danger. Choosing a cage for his feathered pet, each owner understands that […]

How To Make Do-It-Yourself Quail Cages

The meat and eggs of homemade quail not only have an excellent taste, but are also considered dietary and healthy. However, in order for the bird to regularly produce eggs and its meat to be tasty, quails need to be provided with optimal conditions. Spacious warm cages for a comfortable stay of birds are simply […]

Macaw Parrot Cage And Other Accessories

The size of macaw parrots can vary from 30 cm to 100 cm. These are large birds that are not deprived of intelligence and adapt perfectly to different conditions. A powerful beak is used not only for the protection and extraction of food, with the help of it macaw parrots bite through the rods of […]

Budgerigar Cage Size

One of the important parameters of keeping a parrot is the size of its housing – the cage where the bird spends most of its time. What should be guided by when buying such a house and what to look for? How to determine the cage size for a budgie? Like a person in his […]

How To Decorate A Parrot Cage

The best cage size for parrots is about 40 x 40 x 60 cm, and the best shape is rectangular. They will not allow birds to injure their heads due to a lack of orientation within the wire circle. If you often take out your parrot, then you do not need to buy a large […]

Budgie Cage

You decided to get a budgie. And one of the first steps is choosing a cell for a new family member. When we select a specific bird, we not only look at its appearance and color range of plumage, its health, temperament, gender are important to us, we try to take into account all the […]

Parrot Cage

A spacious cage for the Corella parrot is the most suitable option. After all, these birds need a lot of space. In crowded conditions, the bird will lead a sedentary lifestyle. This can lead to the development of various avian diseases. Let’s figure out which cell is suitable for Corell and what it needs to […]

Diy Cage For A Parrot

Parrot Cage Requirements No matter how spacious the cage you have acquired, a parrot will still not get enough freedom of movement. You can add comfort to the place of detention by providing the pet with the opportunity to constantly change its location and move more. To do this, you need a properly equipped cell. […]

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