Paradise Place For Bird Cages For Budgies

Paradise place for bird cages for budgies

A pet house plays an important role in its existence – after all, it is there that he will spend most of his life. Therefore, the choice of a future home for a budgie should be taken very seriously.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of bird cages, they differ in shape, size and content. It is important not to make a mistake in choosing the parrot to feel comfortable and economical in his house, otherwise he will try to leave him with all his might.

Choosing the right cage for a budgie: what to look for?

So what should be the cage for a budgie?

The main points for choosing a parrot house that you need to consider, follow them:

  • The shape of the house is round / oval, rectangular / square, irregular in shape.
  • The size of the home.
  • The material of the cage, the distance between the rods.
  • A pallet, its flooring – sand, paper, sawdust, hygienic fillers, linoleum, plastic.
  • Accessories – perch, mirror, feeding trough, toys.

Do not fill all the free space in the house with accessories. Putting a lot of toys in the cage, you will certainly show your friends that you love a pet, but think about whether it will be comfortable for him to move around such a filled space?

Budgerigar cage size

When choosing a permanent house for housing a parrot, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Width – the parrot sitting in the middle of the perch in the cage should have enough space to completely spread its wings, flap them and not touch the bars. The sizes of budgies are not much different, so you can easily talk about the optimal width – it’s 25-30 cm.
  • Length – approximately 40-45 cm, to arrange in the cage not one, but two or more poles. They are mounted in different angles and at different heights of the house so that the pet can fly from one pole to another without touching the rods.
  • Height – 30-35 cm. In this space, the bird will feel free and freely make mini-flights over the cage.
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If you have two waves at once, note that they will need almost a couple of times more free space. The optimal cage size for a couple: length – 60 cm, width – 45 cm, and height – 65 cm. Naturally, the parameters will depend on what size budgies will be in one house, and the number of pets.

The shape of the cage for budgies: advantages and disadvantages

The choice is huge now. Do not give preference to classic houses, because other forms also have a place to be:

  • Round cage. Budgies, like any other creature, are often stressed. In this case, they tend to hide in the farthest corner and wait out their restless state there. In a round cage, your pet will not have such an opportunity.
  • In a rectangular or square dwelling, the parrot will feel more comfortable. He will be able to freely walk along the flat bottom of the house, because birds by nature love to run a lot. And here it will turn out to be convenient to fix the poles, mirrors and other accessories, and they will be in full access of the pet.
  • Shapeless, irregularly shaped houses. The size of the cage for a budgie in this format depends solely on external aesthetics. It can be made in a semicircle, oval or with an intricate roof. In this form there is only one plus – the elegance and unusual appearance, but the comfortable stay of the bird in such a house remains in question.

Conclusion: the most convenient place to live for a parrot will be a rectangular or square cage. In rare cases, an individual selection of a house is required, depending on what temperament your bird has.

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Equipment and arrangement of cages for budgies

Sometimes, buying an empty house for a parrot is not enough. It is necessary to make the cage comfortable for living, to add decor elements to it so that the bird’s life is diverse. Therefore, seriously approach the question of how to equip a cage for a budgie.

First of all, there must be a perch in the house and, preferably, not one. It should be comfortable, because the parrot spends most of his life standing on it. He even sleeps in that position.

The perch must be comfortable, a diameter of 15-20 mm is allowed. Thus, the budgerigar should not completely grasp the twig, so as not to get hurt by its own claws.

It’s best to make a perch with your own hands, rather than buying. For such a case, trees are well suited: oak, beech, maple and birch. The perches made from these hard rocks will be strong and durable. Branches carved from fruit trees – pears, apple trees, plums, cherries, mountain ash, will be "tasty" for your parrot. Do not be surprised if the pet will bite them a little. It is not necessary to remove bark from home-made poles, because it contains a large amount of vitamins. It is advisable, before installing wooden twigs, scald them with boiling water. Do not forget that the cage for two budgies must contain several poles so that the birds do not fight among themselves.

In addition to the poles, you can install a swing or ladder. For these accessories, it is also recommended to use wooden materials, because plastic can be toxic to the pet. All items should be placed in a cage away from drinkers and feeders so that droppings do not get into food and drink.

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When purchasing feeders for budgies and drinking bowls, be sure to pay attention to the material from which the bowls are made. Porcelain utensils are best suited for such purposes, the backup option is plastic products.

It is necessary to wash the food bowl daily to prevent the formation of plaque and mucus on it.

After washing, pour in fresh food in such an amount that your pet has time to eat it until the next day (1-1.5 teaspoons). Water should always be at room temperature.

Another essential accessory is the mirror. It is in front of him that the birds love to wash themselves and clean their feathers. For some parrots, admiring yourself will even become an everyday ritual. The mirror should be in the frame. Hanging it is best opposite the pole.

Before you decide to get a new pet, carefully arrange the house and plan what should be in the cage of a budgie.

Wavy Cell Examples

The cage is rectangular with the minimum number of necessary accessories: two poles, a mirror, a double feeding trough and a drinking bowl.

Paradise place for bird cages for budgies

Cage for a budgie without a mirror, equipped with three poles, a drinking bowl and a feeding trough. Round shape with a flat bottom.

Paradise place for bird cages for budgies

Cage shaped, the most suitable option for keeping several birds. Here, each of them will have its own space, you can put additional drinking bowls and feeders.

Paradise place for bird cages for budgies

If your pets love flying too much, then you need a free half-empty dwelling, where the poles are low and do not clutter up the place. Such an “empty” house can be filled with accessories at will.

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