Selection And Arrangement Of A Cage For A Budgie

Playful feathered pets, regardless of gender and age throughout life, are characterized by a restless and careless disposition. They constantly need to move and be naughty. And at home, seething activities mainly occur, of course, in a birdhouse. And the level of emotional calm entirely depends, first of all, on the acquired home. Therefore, based on physiological needs and natural data, cages for budgies should be comfortable, large and safe. Here the bird will spend most of its life.

Which cage to choose for a budgie?

Selection and arrangement of a cage for a budgie

It must be remembered that when choosing housing for a bird, you need to focus not on your desires and preferences, but on the functional features of the house. This is, first of all:

  • sizes
  • the form;
  • the material from which the components are made;
  • interior decoration of the home.

Let us consider in more detail each of the above aspects. The knowledge of several simple recommendations of specialists will come in handy here.

Optimal design

The main rule is that you cannot buy small structures of irregular, intricate shapes without corners, with a large number of toys and all kinds of decorations. Lack of free space, illiterate housing structure can affect the health, internal organization and longevity of the animal. Emotional stress, plucked feathers, apathy and indifference to everything that happens, at best, will result from improper maintenance. Therefore, how to choose a cage for a budgie, if armed with such a baggage of knowledge, it will not be difficult.

The form

Ornithologists insist that for small pets that furrow the vast expanses of the horizon in their natural habitat, the most common option is a rectangular structure. The presence of corners will have a beneficial effect on the psyche of a newly made tenant. After all, the space where you can gain protection and take refuge in case of alarm is one of the important pluses. Be sure one of the corners should adjoin the wall, here the pet will be able to wait and calm down, hiding from others. The presence of a flat roof, which during free walks can turn into an additional playground for games, also speaks in favor of an elongated structure.

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Selection and arrangement of a cage for a budgie

A round cage is not suitable for budgies. It is capable of mistakenly creating the illusion of space and vastness, but in fact serves as a beautiful decorative addition to the interior and more. Curved walls create inconvenience when climbing, as the paws of a bird cannot be caught. Deprived of angular shelter housing will contribute to disorientation of the pet and exacerbate psychological trauma. Shapeless, elaborate houses will be on the list of unsanitary objects, due to the mass of extra lines and the inability to clean them qualitatively.

Based on the foregoing, we understand that it is not difficult to choose a cage for a budgie. It is important not to forget that living in a simple free floating is preferable than in a beautiful but long corridor.


To correctly calculate the size of the cage for a budgie, you need to take into account a number of points.

  1. If you buy a building for a bird, you are regularly going to let your pet go for a walk around the room, then the size of the house can be minimal, exclusively for sleep and a snack. It is 40 cm long, 30 cm wide and 45 cm high.
  2. But for a full-fledged stay of the animal, experts indicate parameters where it will be possible to spread wings unhindered, jump on the perch and fly a small circle of honor. The dimensions of the object increase by almost one and a half times. 60 cm length, 45 cm width and 55 cm height – per one tenant. Accordingly, for a pair of animals, the value doubles.

What is made of

For convenience, practicality and safety, wood, metal and painted products should be excluded. Constructions made of natural material tend to dry out, to grow moldy and swell from water, which will ultimately lead to an abundance of parasites, and not far from infection there. Buildings made of metal are oxidized and even minor contact with the surface when ingested in the pet’s mouth will lead to poisoning. Pieces of paint, which over time will move away from the house, the bird risks choking. For a budgerigar, it is preferable to take a cage from stainless steel, without sharp edges, roughness and protrusions. A strong beak of a bird can bend or even bite fragile products.

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Selection and arrangement of a cage for a budgie

One of the important criteria of a feathered structure is the location of the lattice walls of the structure. The vertical direction is inconvenient for animals whose physiology involves climbing trees. The cage for the budgerigar should be with horizontal rods with a minimum distance of 1.5 cm, to exclude the moment of injury to the bird.

Appropriate place

Before buying a bird house, it will not be superfluous to think about where to put it. Arrangement of a cage for a budgie stops at most on the first day or two. The newly-made tenant, having taken the initial steps in the family, will feel uncomfortable in the new environment. Addiction to others, unfamiliar surroundings can cause stress to the pet. Therefore, at the beginning of acquaintance, the movement of the home will only add excitement.

When choosing a suitable place for a steel structure, it is important to be guided by several factors:

  • quiet, calm room;
  • lack of drafts;
  • the presence of sunlight, but without direct contact;
  • comfortable temperature microclimate;
  • permissible air humidity.

From this it follows that the housing construction of a feathered bird can in no case be located in the kitchen, where excessive moisture and evaporation will serve as a source of poisoning and soreness of the parrot. An important aspect of the installation is to calculate the height of the house from the point of view of the psychological interaction of the owner and the animal. The optimal value when the bird is slightly below the level of your eyes. Then there will be a correct understanding of who is in charge of the house. What will contribute to effective training and education.

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How to equip a cage for a budgie?

So that the pet does not get bored in your absence and spend time with benefit, it is recommended to refine the home from the inside. The buds for budgies acquire a different diameter and size from hard wood. There must be at least two. The uneven, rough surface additionally stimulates the nerve endings of the legs and allows them to be kept in good shape. It’s best to make sticks yourself. The animal will try to deal with them with a strong beak, and you, in turn, must be sure of the environmental friendliness of this material. You can not use branches of pear, lilac, poplar, bird cherry and conifers.

Selection and arrangement of a cage for a budgie

The number of accessories for the budgerigar depends on the parameters of the cage. Usually, taking care of the pet’s leisure, they acquire a swing, a ladder, rings, and toys. They should not be made of plastic or rubber. Such products are toxic and contain harmful impurities for a feathered creature. The equipment of the budgerigar cage includes the necessary set of items for a comfortable stay of the bird: a drinking bowl, a feeder and a fruit holder. Be sure to have pieces of chalk in the house, to replenish vital trace elements and calcium in the pet’s body. Fans of water procedures install small bathtubs for swimming.

Each breeder chooses what should be in the cage of a budgie on the basis of his abilities and wishes and, of course, taking into account the individual characteristics of the feathered pet.

Cage cleaning

An indispensable convenience of the birdhouse will be a retractable plastic pallet, which in time will allow you to get to the farthest corners of the home. A cage for a budgie, along with all its contents, requires general cleaning at least once a week.

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