Suitable Cages For Budgies

Suitable cages for budgies

Your feathered friend will spend most of his life in the cage. It is vital for birds living at home. In order not to get any injury in your absence. Or not be the prey of other pets that live with you. Therefore, in this article we will consider what cells there are for budgies. We will discuss which models are best to buy or DIY. And also let’s talk about arranging a cage for a budgie.


Allocate the following types of materials, of which cages for budgies are made:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • a combination of wood and metal (one part of the cage is made from one material, the other from another).

We recommend for a budgie to buy or do it yourself full metal cells. They are distinguished by their strength, wear resistance and hygienic characteristics. At the same time, at the time of purchase, pay attention to instances that are as good as possible. transmit light rays.

Now let’s talk in more detail about what bars are usually made of. Also consider the pros and cons of each individual case.

Materials may be as follows:

  • copper;
  • zinc plated copper;
  • tree;
  • chromed or nickel-plated stainless steel.

Suitable cages for budgies


We do not recommend purchasing a galvanized cage, due to the fact that poor assembly leads to peeling galvanization. As a result, your bird can inadvertently eat a galvanized part falling off the rods. Which in turn will lead to poisoning. Zinc oxide has a delayed effect. He gradually poisons the body, which ultimately leads to early death.

Copper, zinc plating, enamel paint

The situation is similar with rods, toys and any other copper gizmos. In addition, things that are zinc coated or painted with enamel also often cause poisoning. In addition, trying to treat your feathered friend with some delicacy, sticking it through the rods, which are made of toxic substances, you can unintentionally cause poisoning in the parrot.

Suitable cages for budgies


With regard to cells from the tree, it should be noted that they do not cause the problems mentioned above. In wooden cages heat. Also in them in birds appears sense of security. Undoubtedly, a cage possessing such important characteristics is needed by a budgie.

But regarding security, it should be noted that there are some nuances. Such cells should be made from those trees that will not harm the health of the budgerigar. Suitable material is wood:

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Unsuitable: conifers, aspen, acacia, chestnut, oak. Since they contain elements that are harmful to birds.

Regarding the choice sticks and hearts made of wood, the principle is the same.

It is necessary that wood rods were diameter from 1 to 2 centimeters.

The pleasure of budgies makes it possible to chew on something. A cage made of wood is perfect for this business. To prevent cell damage, put twigs or bark in it.

Our advice

We advise you to buy a cage from stainless metal, without any painting, coated with chrome or nickel. If you are thinking about how to make a cage for budgies with your own hands, then this advice is also relevant.

Suitable cages for budgies


Unsuitable values

You never need to buy a very small or, conversely, too large a cage. If there is not enough free space in the house of a budgie, it can become nervous or feel apathy. In addition to psychological difficulties, the likelihood of getting injured and gaining excess weight increases. It also reduces physical stamina. The bird weakens muscles. Since, due to the small space for movement, she cannot lead an active lifestyle. In huge cages bought or made by hand, the birds are also uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to know the appropriate cell sizes for one, two, that is, a pair of budgies, or for several pairs. Next, we describe how they are calculated.

Suitable cages for budgies

How to determine the necessary parameters?

The ideal space for the cell is defined as follows. The bird sitting in the middle of the perch has the ability to spread its wings without difficulty, without touching the walls. In addition, it is necessary that 2 or 3 poles were placed there, from which the parrot could safely fly from one place to another, without hitting anything.

Given this, the approximate cell sizes for budgies were identified. They are suitable for living. 1 or 2 birds. The cell must be in:

  • height: 35 – 40;
  • width: 25 – 35;
  • length: 60 – 80.

Cell sizes are indicated in centimeters.

If you do not have one, but two pairs budgies, the above values ​​should be multiply by two.

Between the bars distance must also be considered. They should be spaced apart at intervals of 10 – 15 millimeters. What is it for? If the rods are closer than the indicated sizes, then you will not see your feathered friend well; if further, then it can begin to crawl out of the cell.

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Suitable cages for budgies

The form

The goal of the cage is not to decorate the apartment, but to be a convenient home for your winged pet. And for him, instances are convenient rectangular of forms with flat roofs.

Round roofs or cylindrical shapes are not recommended. Being under such a design, birds usually feel insecurity and are lost in space. In addition, it is advised not to purchase a tricky cage because of problems arising with its cleaning.

Number of doors

It is advisable to select cells with more than one the door. One door will be the main entrance. Another is necessary to place a bathhouse or nesting house. For a nesting house, it is recommended to buy a cage, one of the doors of which is closer to the roof.

Suitable cages for budgies


When deciding where it is best to put a cage with a budgie, be sure to consider the important nuances. We will consider them now.

Kitchen is not an option to accommodate the cage. Since the temperature there often changes and strong aromas are present in the air. All this, undoubtedly, will negatively affect the state of health of the feathered pet.

Balcony is also an inappropriate place, to set there a cage with a budgie. In this case, you will always have to monitor the street temperature. In addition, it will be necessary to close some part of the cell with some material (for example, a towel). So that the bird can hide from the winds and sunlight. Sometimes, in good summer weather, putting a cage on the balcony is a good thing. But for a permanent residence – this is not an option.

The best place to place the cage in your apartment is a room in which video or audio equipment does not play. That is, you need a room in which peace and quiet. Put the cage where no elevated temperatures from heating appliances and no drafts. Be sure one of its sides should be near the wall. Then the parrot will feel safe.

The cell should be at eye level the owner. If it is lower, then your movements will frighten the bird. If above, then your feathered favorite will feel more important than you. This can lead to learning and taming difficulties.

Suitable cages for budgies

Items inside the cage

Now let’s talk about how to properly equip a cage for a budgie. Any sharp things or edges that might hurt should not be present in the bird house. Parrots are known for their quick wits, therefore a door into the cage should lock perfectly.

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As for this important cellular equipment, we recommend buying a cage with extendable pallet. They usually put something on it. Someone does this so that the parrot does not get dirty about the litter. Someone – to make it easier to clean the cage.

  • New paper. By no means a newspaper. Since parrots can start eating it, but there is paint on it.
  • Sand. Cons is that the pallet is difficult to clean. And also it can fly around the room.
  • Sawdust. They are lightweight, so they can also fly around the room.
  • Fillers. Have to spend money. It may contain hazardous substances.
  • Grill. Budgerigars will not be easy to walk on it. In addition to the pan, the grill will also need to be washed.
  • Plastic. Since it is slippery, it is difficult for birds to move on it.
  • Linoleum. Very harmful to birds. Therefore, do not even consider this option.

In general, you decide what to put on the pallet. Keep in mind that all the materials listed above have disadvantages. Thus, choose the material with the shortcomings of which you are ready to put up. Of course you can generally do not put anything on the pallet. Then keep in mind that the bird is slippery on its surface. Therefore, it will not be easy for the parrots to walk on it.

Next, consider what else should be in the cage of a budgie.

Suitable cages for budgies


As for the equipment and arrangement of the cage for a budgie, there are some nuances here. Do not force a cage with all kinds of accessories. Your pet needs to have free place. What does a budgie in a cage need to perform physical activity? A couple of toys, three or two poles – everything. Do not install anything else there. A budgie will be comfortable in just such a cage. To arrange many accessories, make or buy separate playgrounds (stands).

Also install feeder, drinking bowl and bath. It is recommended not to place them in one place, but to use different walls. This is necessary in order to induce the bird to move.

What is the cage of your budgie? Please tell about this in the comments.

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