Vintage Wedding Bird Cage

Vintage Wedding Bird Cage

History of bird cages

The use of bird cages is a very old tradition. Most likely, they were invented as a way of transporting birds to prevent them from flying away. The first bird cages were made of wood and were seen in ancient Egypt almost four centuries ago. In Egypt, the human soul was depicted as a hawk with a human head, leaving the body after death. And Ibis was a sacred bird, a symbol of wisdom. Therefore, keeping a bird in the house was very fashionable. Exotic birds from the East became very popular and began to be used as pets around the world. Bamboo and wooden cages have been seen in many New World homes. They usually hung near an open window. And only in the twentieth year that image of the cell that we see now – from the wire appeared.

Bird cage as a central composition on the table table

It is hard to say who was the first to use the bird cage for decoration. But we can only rejoice that such an unusual decor came to us. Perhaps the most interesting way to use the bird cage is to beautifully decorate it with fresh flowers. This approach is most often found on foreign sites.

Bird cage as a pendant at the exit desk

Vintage Wedding Bird Cage

The cage can not only be put on the table, but also hung on the street. It looks great, especially when there are several such cells. Hanging cells is best, as in the photographs, by some tree. Then there will be a sense of naturalness of what is happening …

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Using candles to decorate cells

A very good solution for decorating the cage is an ordinary candle. Look how tender and cute she looks … even alone! I really like!

My dear brides, I hope that my articles are read only by those who want to make their wedding unusual and not like everyone else (with terrible balls and shiny fabric). These cages are very suitable for a wedding in a Rustic style, but they can decorate absolutely any wedding.

For wedding planners only

Of course, in Russia, this type of decor is not yet particularly popular. Largely, because the cells themselves as home decor have only recently begun to be sold. The average cost of such a cell in St. Petersburg is from 6,000 to 51,000 rubles. I’ll tell you a little secret: in Finland such cells are sold at 600-1000 rubles. Maybe they will not be made of wood, maybe they will not look so vintage, but nevertheless, they will be in your hands! And that means that soon they will be on someone’s tables … Surprise your brides and they will surprise you 🙂

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