What Kind Of Net For Quail Cells Is Needed, Depending On The Type Of Dwelling

For any living creature, living conditions determine its health and life expectancy. Starting to breed quail, already at the initial stage it is necessary to ensure optimal living conditions for the bird. The quail is a rather picky bird in terms of keeping conditions that do not require space – 1 square meter may be enough to hold 80 animals. Different breeds and ages need different cells. Correctly selected cell type and mesh for quail cells play a very large role. You can read more about existing quail breeds here.

Which cage is better for quail?

Some farmers make adult plywood quail cages. This option is typical in regions with a cold climate. The main advantage of a plywood house is the cheapness of the material and its ability to retain heat. This can slightly reduce the cost of heating the room in which the quail is bred. However, this only plus is covered by more significant disadvantages. The plywood cage is poorly ventilated and limits the access of the sun, which is extremely negative for both the health and longevity of the bird, and egg production. In addition, unlike the grid, the tree gets dirty over time.

In most cases, a do-it-yourself quail net is made only in plywood houses or brooders – individual rods are attached to the wooden perimeter, forming a barred wall. However, the optimal home for quail is a cage made of metal mesh. The grid allows fresh air and light to pass through, is easy to clean, resistant to moisture and other influences, is practical in use and reliable. The manufacture of quail cages is a very important process, since only with the perfect combination of all the necessary factors can a decent result be guaranteed.

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Mesh material

To build quail cells, a welded mesh is most often used. In order to prevent the cell from being corroded, a quail net made of galvanized wire is used. Plastic mesh options are also possible. But plastic is inferior to metal in strength and durability. For cells, a galvanized welded mesh with PVC coating is often used. It combines the strength of metal and the chemical resistance of plastic to corrosion and other destructive environmental influences. The essence of the production of such a wire is quite simple. After spot welding, the mesh web is lowered into a bath with liquid polyvinyl chloride, and then the coating is polymerized in the furnaces.

Advantages of PVC mesh:

  • Service life is up to 60 years.
  • Regular painting is not required.
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures.
  • It does not fade from sunlight.
  • The coating does not burst with repeated bends.
  • It is not destroyed by the action of animal waste products.

Although with a PVC sheath, the price of a net for quail cells increases markedly, such a cell will last much longer.

Metric characteristics of grids

It is imperative to determine which mesh is needed for the quail cage – depending on the characteristics of the bird and the purpose of the cage, different rod diameters and cell sizes are used.

The purpose of keeping a bird can also determine the shape of the cage. So, for the separation of quail for meat, the cage should be low – this limits the motor activity of the bird, which contributes to faster weight gain and somewhat delays puberty, which negatively affects the quality of meat. To exclude the probability of quail falling out of the cage, the size of the grid cell for quail should correspond to their age.

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Incubator and brooder

Brooders are designed to live chickens immediately after hatching. The temperature in the brooder should be elevated – this is due to the use of wooden walls. All walls except the front are made of wood (plywood, fiberboard). The feeder and drinking bowl are inside. The floor is also mesh. In the brooder, the quail mesh should be 10 x 10 mm in size. The bird lives in brooders for about 2 weeks, in some cases quails can hold up to 3 weeks.

What kind of net for quail cells is needed, depending on the type of dwelling

Bird cages over 3 weeks

Wooden items are excluded. The grid on the quail floor is increased to a cell size of 16 × 24 mm, which simplifies the issue of keeping the cell clean. The size of the nets for the walls can also be increased, already up to 24 × 24 mm.

Adult bird cages

If there are not many birds in the cage, it is quite acceptable to make the side walls of plastic mesh. This will reduce the cost of the cell. If layers are bred, the bottom mesh should be placed at a slope of 8–9 degrees to the front wall. The bottom should end with an egg collector located under the feeder. The mesh used for the bottom of the cell, in most cases, is an egg collector, which is simply a curved edge of an elongated web with end stops. The size of the mesh installed as the bottom is 16 × 24 mm. The optimal cell size for sidewalls is 32 × 48 mm.

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Below the mesh bottom is a waste tray. Can be made from galvanized sheet. Often you can find plastic pallets for quail cages – they are very reliable and durable, have a better aesthetic appearance than a galvanized pallet.

The materials used to make the cells are different. It all depends on the purpose of the cell. Speaking of nets, the most commonly used metal welded mesh, preferably galvanized. The grid is usually painted. Also, plastic mesh is often used, the cost of which is much less than the cost of a welded mesh. To save money, a combined approach is used in the manufacture of cells – the walls with the least load can be made of plastic mesh.

The most durable and reliable option is a welded mesh with PVC coating, however, the price of this type of quail net is quite high.

Basically, depending on the age of the bird, the size of the net for quail also changes – the newly hatched chicks are in brooders, where a grid with a 10-mm cell is used. Further in ascending order, the older the bird, the larger the cell size.

An improperly assembled cage can significantly affect pets, therefore, to achieve decent results in breeding quail, adhering to recommendations is extremely important.

What kind of net for quail cells is needed, depending on the type of dwelling

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