What Should Be A Bird Cage For Keeping Pigeons

What should be a bird cage for keeping pigeons
What should be a bird cage for keeping pigeons

What should be a bird cage for keeping pigeons
What should be a bird cage for keeping pigeons

Birds are kept wherever it is possible to create at least some conditions for them. A novice breeder always has to think for a long time and choose which bird cage will suit his feathered pet. It all depends on the type and size of the bird.

In principle, it makes no sense to waste time and design a cell with your own hands when their range is wide enough, does not represent a shortage, and strikes any imagination. It’s not easy to choose, everything is definitely beautiful and you want to buy everything. For large birds, small, medium. Cages, cages, aviaries. Shape: square, round, rectangular, with a dome, in the form of a house and a tower.

The main principle when choosing is not beauty at all, but practicality and comfort. The poultry dwelling should be open and all the necessary accessories should be placed: tins, feeders for feed and mineral additives, a drinking bowl, a bath with water or sand. And so that she would not be bored in the absence of the owner, hang rings, ladders, mirrors, toys.

Regardless of its size, any bird should be able to spread its wings in order to stretch. For parrots and tree birds, the height of the cage is important, and birds spending their time on the ground need space and a low cage. The floor is sprinkled with peat, sawdust, sand.

The cage can be both from a wire mesh, and from metal rods, necessarily from a polymer coated stainless steel. Very good if the rods: galvanized, chrome plated, burnished, nickel-plated. And the appearance will not lose attractiveness over time and the metal will not oxidize, which can do much harm. The bottom is made of wood (uncomfortable) and plastic. It has high sides so that debris does not fly around the room and the connector into which the pallet enters. If he is gone, it will make cleaning difficult.

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Sizes, of course, can be anything, but still there is a correctly calculated standard. Small birds: 80 × 40 × 50. Birds are medium: 100 × 50 × 60. The largest value is the length.

Wild animals are kept in enclosures indoors and outdoors. It’s easier to create natural conditions, pigeons feel good and are less likely to get sick. They build pigeons made of brick, metal, wood, stone, which are located high above the ground from predators.

If there are two birds, the size is doubled, because the birds like to jump and fly over the stems and rings, so they should have enough space.

Cells are hung on the wall, placed on special stands, tables in a bright place, in the room where family members most often spend time. Just not in the kitchen, there are a lot of harmful fumes, not at the TV, not at the heat source.

Well, for very large birds you will need an aviary and a place in the room to install it. The enclosure, you can say, has an advantage over the cage, it has a real expanse and you do not need to let the bird go for a walk. Accordingly, she will not spoil, will not spoil things and will not need to run to catch. The frame of the enclosure is wooden, steel, plastic, duralumin. Brass, copper – by no means. For litter of cells, aviaries use sand, sawdust, paper.

Poultry housing can be made of wood, only such material cannot be processed, it does not tolerate water. It is important to often change the litter and wash any cells with soda, chamomile, wormwood, so that microbes and parasites do not wound.

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In addition to exotic, often illegally caught birds, avid lovers hold: ravens, owls, quails, hens, carduelis, larks, nightingales, canaries and others, including pigeons. Pigeon breeding is not the last place for poultry farmers. Pigeons, like other birds, also have a different size, type, breed. As for everyone, the cage for pigeons can be made of metal, wood, plastic.

Many are interested in keeping pigeons in cages, not in an aviary, because they have only one or two birds. The well-being of pigeons directly depends on the correct choice of the size and shape of their home. The best is rectangular. Dome design allowed. A pair of small pigeons needs a cage of size: 60 × 40 × 30, medium and large: 80 × 60 × 50, although experts differ. They should be let out for a walk.

Nickel-plated cells are perfectly cleaned, disinfected and durable. A pallet is required for cleaning. Inside put: feeding troughs, drinking bowls, tins, bathing. Who would have thought, amateurs began to make cells from different synthetic materials and plexiglass. They are quite suitable for small pigeons. If there are more than two pairs and they are in the apartment, then sooner or later a specific smell will appear and they will have to be cleaned twice a day.

There are meat breeds, they do not require much space, attention and special care. Resistant to disease. Their meat is a delicacy and appreciated by gourmets. You can sit in small cells in pairs so that the males do not fight. Live weight reaches from 350 g to 700 g, and the carcass is about 300 g. Of course, meat pigeons are kept not only at home, but also in barns with pigeons – on free bread.

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This means that the birds themselves get food, but they leave water for drinking and bathing. And only in the winter they are fed. There are birds, whose weight is almost 2.5 times more, they are fed like chickens at specialized enterprises with certain types of feed, and they manage to slaughter them before they start flying. Bird lovers find it unpleasant to find out, but this is commerce, there is no getting anywhere.

Sometimes a bird needs to be transported or quarantined. Here you will need a shipping box, a cage, a suitcase.

Its length should be greater than the width. You can take birds out into the street or balcony for a short time in winter; they tolerate low temperatures well. Only accustom gradually for several minutes. It is possible to build a permanent aviary on the balcony.

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