What Should Be A Good Cage For Parrots

If you decide to buy yourself a feathered pet, then it’s time to think about his home. A cage for parrots is the place where your bird will spend most of its time, and therefore, its selection and arrangement should be commenced with all thoroughness. Consider the most important points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a house for this beautiful and funny bird.

What should be a good cage for parrots


A large cage for a parrot, as well as too small, are two extremes that should be avoided. If the space of the house is too large, the bird will feel uncomfortable, it’s bad to tame it and remain shy and wild for a long time. And if the cage for parrots is too small, the feathered pet is threatened with obesity, plumage problems and muscle dystrophy. A sedentary lifestyle can cause a decrease in immunity, a painful or depressive state. Therefore, one should be guided by the following clue: the cage must be sized such that, on the one hand, it allows the bird to fully open its wings without touching the walls of 30% of the free space, and on the other hand, it allows the bird to use its wings when moving around the poles. Recommended dimensions for the budgerigar: 70x35x40 cm.

What should be a good cage for parrots

The form

First of all, a house for keeping a bird should correspond to its way of life, and therefore it is best if it is made in the form of a rectangle with a flat roof. In this case, the cage for parrots should be extended in length. The rounded shape of the house makes it difficult for birds to navigate in space, in addition, in a stressful situation, the bird must have the ability to hide in a corner. In addition, a rectangular cage for parrots allows you to arrange a playground on the roof.

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The worst option for placing a bird house in an apartment is in the kitchen. There are many dangers for restless and curious parrots in this place: from hot teapots, pots and open pans to toxic emissions of Teflon cookware. Therefore, it is best to place the cage in a room with sufficient natural light, in that part where there are no drafts. To prevent the bird from having a heat stroke, its house must not be placed too close to the heating battery. Do not put a lit kerosene lamp near the cage, and if there is stove heating in the house, do not place it under the ceiling, since even a small concentration of carbon monoxide can lead to the death of the pet. It is best if the bird house is at the level of your eyes so that one of its sides is facing the wall. This will speed up the process of taming the parrot, and he will have a sense of security.

What should be a good cage for parrots


A good cage should have a retractable bottom. This greatly facilitates its cleaning of feathers and droppings. Also in the house should be a feeder and a drinking bowl. When the pet gets used to eating inside his home, there will be no difficulty in returning him from a walk. In addition, so that the parrot does not get bored, it is advisable to place a wooden ladder, a small mirror and a bell in his house. Between the rods, place a piece of chalk – the birds need calcium, moreover, it will allow the parrot to grind its beak. Understaff housing with one or two poles. For this, twigs of fruit trees are best suited.

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