What Should Be The Cage For The Parrot Jaco

Zhako parrots in apartment conditions are kept in cages. The bird needs a lot of space for free walks. Before buying a cage for a parrot, it is recommended to find out the criteria by which it must meet. Many owners assemble a parrot’s home on their own from building materials.

What should be the cage for the parrot Jaco

How to choose a suitable cage for Jaco

A very important condition for the maintenance of any parrot is a responsible approach to choosing a cage for the future domesticated bird. It must be safe and comfortable so that the pet perceives it as his home. The following tips for choosing a home for Jaco are:

Key Features – Size and Shape

Parameters do not play a special role if the parrot is provided with regular walks. If they are not, then the minimum size of the dwelling should be 60-70 cm in length, 40-50 cm in width and 70-80 cm in height. Space limitations adversely affect bird health. There is a significant reduction in the life of the pet. Therefore, for greater comfort, it is better to buy a cell by parameters 2 times greater than the minimum values.

What should be the cage for the parrot Jaco

Important quality – anti-vandalism

The rods should be made of durable material. Their thickness is not less than 4 mm. It is necessary to check the presence of protection against overturning the drinker or feeder. A strong castle must be present on the cage to avoid the escape of the bird from the home in the absence of the owner. It is not recommended to use simple bolts and latches. Jaco has high intelligence and can easily open them. Instead of a lock, you can use a furniture latch.

Additional option – garbage protection

In most cells, special pallets made of organic glass are installed. Thanks to them, there is a minimal amount of debris around the cage. Such models are best suited for those who do not want to remove a mountain of grains scattered by a parrot from the feeder.

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Where to put in the apartment

Representatives of this species in natural conditions live among the branches of trees. Therefore, the cages for Jaco parrots should be placed on a raised platform, for example, on a table or a pedestal. It is advisable to place them in a place where other pets and small children cannot easily reach. Usually the cage is placed in a corner of the room. This helps the parrot to feel protected. Otherwise, the jacquot will begin to show aggression to the owner and other family members.

Cage accessories

To avoid the appearance of a depressive state in a pet, you need to equip his home with the necessary items. They will help the bird to keep fit and spend time to good use.

What should be the cage for the parrot Jaco

Main types of feeders: hanging container or small saucer. Food plastic feeder is very popular. One parrot is quite enough, but some owners use two containers: for wet and dry food. The most purchased drinker is a vertical vessel with a check valve. It is characterized by high tightness, so that the remaining food does not clog the water. With the help of a mineral stone, a bird can sharpen its beak. However, she will not spoil the objects that surround her. A piece of chalk is also indispensable, due to which the necessary amount of calcium enters the body of the bird.

An important attribute of the cell is the vent. They are installed inside as a perch. It’s best to make poles yourself. To do this, take branches of hardwood, grind it, and then grind it with fine-grained emery paper. When installing two copies, make sure that they are at a certain distance from each other. The number of poles can be increased.

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What should be the cage for the parrot Jaco

As a bath, you can use a small plastic container. It is installed at the bottom or from the inside. An accessory such as a mirror helps the parrot to satisfy the need for communication. It is mounted on the inside of the house. To maintain physical fitness, a parrot is buying a special ladder. It is made of wooden material and is well suited for keeping poultry in cramped conditions.

Additional attributes include a hanging swing and a bell. A swing is a wooden pole fixed to the sides with metal supports or chains. They are attached to the ceiling. With a lack of attention, the owner gets a toy in the form of a parrot. They can be rubber or soft. During the mating season, the pet can take her for a female, so she should be cleaned for a while.

A small ball made of light materials, such as foam rubber and polystyrene foam, is given during the active communication of the bird with the owner. This item is not very popular because of the low strength. The parrot is constantly striving to crack him.

What should be the cage for the parrot Jaco

Do-it-yourself jaco cage

  • Oriented particle board – 2×2 m;
  • steel profile pipe with a size of 17×17 mm – 9 m;
  • metal sheet – 1 pc;
  • stainless wire, 3 mm thick – 300 m;
  • metal clamps and stainless steel bowls – 2 pcs;
  • metal lock – 1 pc;
  • metal screws.

After purchasing the necessary components, you can begin to manufacture the cage for Jaco:

  1. First of all, the side panels are bent from wire. The rods are fastened together to form grids measuring 70×60 cm and 60×60 cm as a ceiling. In the corners of the nets make pins for attaching to the frame. A hole of 30×20 cm is made on the side of one panel. This will be an opening for the door. Also, openings for feeding troughs and drinking bowls are made in another panel.
  2. The frame of the cage itself, the doors and openings of the drinking bowl and feeder is obtained from the pipe. Holes are made inside the corners in order to further fix the grid. A door is made from the remains of the wire. Then a lock is attached to it.
  3. Two rectangles measuring 10×15 cm are cut out of a metal sheet. Two curtains are fastened on each. With the help of clamps and screws, metal bowls are attached to the door. After installing the side panels and ceiling.
  4. As the bottom, a metal sheet is used to fit the frame. A 61×61 cm square is cut from the plate and attached to the bottom with self-tapping screws. At the end, the door and bowls are fixed.
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What should be the cage for the parrot Jaco

The cage is the most important item in keeping parrots. When purchasing it, you need to focus on many requirements: comfort, safety and others. Adequate space and regular walks will ensure a long and happy life for the domesticated bird.

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