What Should Be The Size Of The Cells For Quail

For the maintenance of quail poultry farmers recommend making or purchasing cages. The manufacturer offers standard sizes of 1007030 mm. In such a space, 100 animals can be kept, but not all of the farmsteads breed quail in large numbers.

For a small herd, constructions of 703020 cm are provided. Cages are built in accordance with the norms of density of planting of birds. For hens and males, the products will differ in design. Laying hens to get eggs, so you need to provide an egg collector.

To softly slide the eggs into the collection, the floor is made at an angle. What sizes of quail cages should be provided for self-assembly of the structure? How to assemble a frameless cage for laying hens?

What dimensions to choose?

To obtain quail eggs, eggs are bred. Birds are not large. The weight of the male is 140 g, the females are 180 g, the average body length is 12 cm. The density of the quail is 90-100 cm 2. For the construction of the structure, the following dimensions are chosen:

  • for layers; for 10 goals – 3527 cm; for 30 goals – 9581 cm;
  • for males for fattening provide a higher density of landing; 10 goals are placed on an area of ​​2560 cm;
  • for individuals of the parent herd, planting density is increased; 10 goals are placed in a cage of 7050 cm.

To get not only eggs, but also meat from poultry, individuals breed meat and egg breed. They are larger than hens. The weight of the female is 280 g, the male is 200 g. The length of the body is 15 cm. The planting density is 150 cm 2:

  • cage for 10 quails for fattening – 5035 cm;
  • for layers – 7050 cm;
  • for parent flock 9050 cm.
What should be the size of the cells for quail

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Quail cage drawings

Broilers are fed meat. Hens do not differ in egg production. The birds are large. The weight of the female can reach 500 g, the male 380 g. The length of the broiler body is 20-25 cm. Places they require a lot of 250 cm 2 per head:

To get eggs, Japanese and English white breeds are bred. Universal are Estonian, Manchu, tuxedo quail. "Pharaohs" are bred for meat. Texas broilers are gaining a lot of body weight, but immunity is reduced in birds. It requires impeccable conditions of detention.

For a large number of quails, floors are formed from cages. At 3 weeks of age, young animals are recommended to be divided into groups by gender. Females and males are kept in separate cells. A separate herd is made up of individuals of the parent herd.

The number of floors depends on the desire of the breeder and the height of the house. The distance between the quail cages is maintained at 10 cm. A litter collection tray is installed under the floor net. Equipment, drinking bowls and feeders, are carried outside the interior.

Poultry farmers make a quail cage with their own hands. Designs can be frame and frameless. As the material for the frame, wooden bars, metal corners from stainless steel or a pipe with a diameter of 20 mm are chosen. The frame is sheathed with a mesh with a small mesh.

Frameless structures are made of mesh. It is bent in marked areas. The side walls are stiffening ribs. The manger is mounted from a metal profile.

The disadvantage of frameless quail cells is that they cannot be installed on floors. It is required to separately assemble the frame, "whatnot".

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How to make a frameless design?

Frameless construction made of galvanized wire mesh. It is bent in certain areas. In order to bend the net, it is necessary to prepare a vise. They are made of 2 rails, which are installed on the assembly table. Reiki stack one on top of the other. From two edges, holes are made in them.

Insert 51 mm screws. On them you can raise and lower the top rail. The bottom board is fixed on the countertop with holders. A distance of 1-2 cm is established between the vise. This is enough to drag a metal mesh through the hole:

  • the size of the quail cage is 1005030 cm. It is intended for an egg herd of 50 goals. Frameless cage for quail for 20 goals make the size of 14050 cm;
  • egg collection tray – 10055 cm;
  • side walls 5030 cm;
  • for installation, you need a mesh 3 m long and 1 m wide. The optimal cell size is 1010 mm. If the cells are larger, then the quail will be uncomfortable to move. They can fall into holes, causing injury to themselves. When kept for a long time, curly fingers develop in birds. If there is no other material, then the cells are partially covered; it is recommended to additionally cover the floor with a plastic mesh with a mesh size of 1010 mm.
  • They drag the net through a vise. Measure 5 cm. Clamp the vise, bend the net by 90. We get the front wall of the egg tray;
  • then make the bottom of the tray. The top rail is raised, measure 5 cm on the grid. Clamp it with a vise from the slats, lowering the upper board, bend at a right angle;
  • next will be the floor of the cage. Measure out 50 cm. Repeat the process;
  • then there is a section of the back wall, 50 cm;
  • roof 50 cm;
  • front wall 45 cm. In width, it is shorter than the rear wall;
  • the remaining portion of the mesh is cut off using pliers.
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From the grid measure 2 cloths 303024 cm. One side should be 6 cm larger than the other. These canvases are the side walls of the quail cage. This will strengthen the floor slope.

It is necessary for rolling eggs in a tray. Install the walls so that the slope of the floor goes to the egg collector. All parts are reinforced with wire or metal clips. The sharp ends are rounded or completely cut off.

A door is being made on the front side. Its length is 20 cm, height 30 cm, to the roof. The plot is cut with pliers. The upper sharp edges are slightly rounded; hooks turn out. For them, the door is suspended to the upper side of the opening.

Mesh quail cage

To keep the door well in place, the hooks are rounded into hinges. The cloth can turn inward and outward. The lower sharp edges are removed with pliers.

A distance of 5 cm is maintained between the front wall and the floor, so the canvas will also be shorter. Free space is necessary for the quail egg to pass freely into the tray. To prevent the blade from dropping, set stiffening ribs. They are made of wire. Mounting pitch 20 cm.

A section of a width of 1 m, a length of 60 cm is cut from a plastic mesh. The cloth is placed inside the cage. It is enough to lay the floor, egg collector and the wall of the tray. Plastic will prevent the egg from breaking.

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