What You Need To Know When Choosing A Bird Cage

Taking a bird into the house, the first thing is to provide it with a decent home. From the abundance of sizes, colors, patterns of bird houses can go around your head. It seems that it is impossible to make the right choice, but there are some recommendations that will make this process much easier.


First, you need to decide where the cell will stand and what you will do with the area surrounding it. Do not put the cage by the window or in a draft. She must be in the active part of your home to encourage the social development of the pet.

Choosing the right cell size

If the amadins or canaries have a small cell, then for a large one you need to buy the largest house that you can afford. In a caged cage, a bird may develop problematic behavior. Screams, bites, self-pinching – these are some of his “charms”. The cage should be large enough so that your pet can walk in it, fully spread its wings and wave them, without touching the bars of the lattice. Do not forget that part of the space inside the cage will be lost when you place poles, toys, dishes, etc. in it. Consult your veterinarian to recommend the optimal cage size for your particular bird species.

What you need to know when choosing a bird cage

Spacing between bars

This issue also needs to be paid close attention. For small birds this distance should be no more than 1 cm, to prevent escape or jamming in the grate. For large birds, it is better to purchase a cage not with a vertical lattice, but with a horizontal one, so that the bird has an additional opportunity for physical exertion.

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Cell shape

According to some studies, round cells are harmful to the mental state of birds. It is preferable to use a cell having angles.


Before buying a cage, evaluate its quality. Is she strong? Does it have sharp edges and loose parts? It is best if the cage is made of stainless steel. It is non-toxic and easy to clean. The first function of the cage is to be a safe haven for your pet, not to harm its health and well-being.

A well-developed cage will serve your pet for many years. You must remember that a bird has to spend a lot of time in the cage, and it will appreciate its good design. Fill it with bright toys, comfortable perches and ladders so that your pet does not get bored.

If you plan to purchase a cage in advance, and do not rush into a choice, then your purchase will no doubt live up to all your expectations and will become a safe and reliable refuge for your pet for many years to come.

Credit: Portal Zooclub
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