Hagen Bird Cages – Superior Quality And Aesthetics

What should be a bird cage When choosing a bird cage, many buyers first of all pay attention to the external effect of the product: bright colors, fancy shapes, catchy design. In fact, completely different characteristics are important for bird housing. These include: What factors should be considered when choosing a cell Form factor. Experts […]

Selection And Arrangement Of A Cage For A Budgie

Playful feathered pets, regardless of gender and age throughout life, are characterized by a restless and careless disposition. They constantly need to move and be naughty. And at home, seething activities mainly occur, of course, in a birdhouse. And the level of emotional calm entirely depends, first of all, on the acquired home. Therefore, based […]

Cage – A House For A Parrot

We are used to thinking that a cage for a parrot is just its habitat, although in reality everything is much more serious. Indeed, for him this is not an aviary, but a full-fledged house where he spends most of his time. That is why when planning to provide your feathered pet with housing with […]

Corella Cage

Perches. There must be poles in the cage, and it’s better not to sell those with the cage, but made of branches with bark of different thicknesses, better than 10 and 20 m. An indispensable condition is that corella she didn’t completely grasp the perch with her fingers, so she gets tired less, in addition, […]

Plexiglass Cage For Birds How To Make

Amadina Cages The premises where the birds are located should be clean, without drafts, and easily ventilated. In captivity, amadins are kept in cages, cages and aviaries, which vary in shape, size and purpose. Cells are rectangular, round and oval. Previously, they often used various decorations in the form of domes, balconies, carved racks, etc. […]

What Should Be The Cage For The Parrot Jaco

Zhako parrots in apartment conditions are kept in cages. The bird needs a lot of space for free walks. Before buying a cage for a parrot, it is recommended to find out the criteria by which it must meet. Many owners assemble a parrot’s home on their own from building materials. How to choose a […]

What Should Be A Bird Cage For Keeping Pigeons

Birds are kept wherever it is possible to create at least some conditions for them. A novice breeder always has to think for a long time and choose which bird cage will suit his feathered pet. It all depends on the type and size of the bird. In principle, it makes no sense to waste […]

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